Our Values

Ark Academy is an all through 3-18 school with common values across primary and secondary that bring us together.

Core Values

In Ark Academy we have 4 core values: Civitas, Excellence, Participation and Persistence.  Each week there is a Celebration Assembly in which children from each class are recognised for their commitment to the Ark values.

Academic achievement – No excuses

Ark Academy has high expectations for all its pupils. We believe every child can realise their potential given the right teaching, encouragement and support. We do everything possible to ensure that every child achieves and exceeds year level expectations, every year. We won’t accept excuses and we won’t make any either.

Personal responsibility and mutual respect

We maintain a happy, respectful and orderly environment throughout the academy. We believe that a successful education includes developing and nurturing the personal qualities of every pupil.

Weaving the citizenship specialism through the curriculum, we will positively reinforce young people’s responsibility for their actions and their effect on others.


We ask all pupils, parents, teachers and support staff to sign a home-school agreement before school starts, so that everyone is committed to putting in the effort to ensure that each child succeeds.