House System (Primary)

Each child and every staff member at Ark Academy Primary is allocated to one of our four houses.

Blue House
Green House
Purple House
Yellow House

Houses meet regularly, which gives the children the opportunity to meet with different children from other age phases, and with different members of staff to the ones they may normally work with. House meetings provide the children with the opportunity to foster team spirit, develop responsibility and care for others (CIVITAS in action), provide opportunities for charitable giving and, of course, a strong sense of healthy competition.

Each half term the pupils enjoy different House Competitions which really bring out their many talents. These events cover every type of interest, from art, drama, music and sport. All House competitions are hotly contested! Our house system reinforces two of our core principles:

• Participation

Every house achievement also builds up points for the House. In addition individual pupils regularly gain points for their House through the stars they are awarded for demonstrating one of the four core values of Civitas, Participation, Excellence and Persistence, as well as half termly and termly Superstar awards, awards for attendance and for other commendations. This helps create the lively and dynamic atmosphere that we have in Ark Academy.

As the academy grows so too will the House System, preparing the children for the House system that is such a fundamental part of the Secondary school. The pupils clearly love the house system and are very proud of their house and we know will remember their houses long after they leave school.