University and Careers Success

Ark Academy is committed to raising the aspirations of all of our students. Indeed, one of our fundamental aims is to ensure that all our pupils develop as high achieving, confident, articulate young people whose education fully equips them to go on to university or the career of their choice.

Every student at Ark Academy is encouraged to set their sights high for their futures, regardless of their background or individual circumstances. Our University and Careers Success programme supports this process through a wide range of activities including Careers Education as part of the PSHE Programme, outside speakers, academic support, mentoring and visits to universities.

The programme will equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make the transition form our school, to a university or college and indeed to a career of their choice. This programme begins in Year 7 and will continue to provide opportunities, careers information, advice and guidance so that all students are aware and supported to make the right choices as well as developing the skills necessary for a successful career.

Of course careers information and guidance is not confined to careers lessons- we aim to develop the fundamental skills for a successful career such as teamwork, communication, cooperation and problem solving as part of our day to day curriculum in all academic subjects

University Taster Days

At Key Stage 3 all students are given the opportunity to attend a taster day at a university. These trips are designed to give students more knowledge and experience of what life is like at a higher education establishment with the hope of, one day, inspiring them to attend university. University trips this year will include Oxford University, Cambridge University, UCL, Brunel and SOAS. These visits continue at Key Stage 4 with a more subject specific focus allowing the children to explore what skills and qualifications are necessary to study particular subjects that interest them at University.


We are extremely pleased to offer all of our students the opportunity for independent careers advice and guidance through our work with Brent Connexions. All Year 10 students will have a one to one meeting with our advisor, Heather Rhule, and there is a weekly drop in advice session for any student who would like to chat through any careers questions they may have. Parents are welcome to contact Heather directly if they wish to chat though any careers questions. She can be contacted at

The Brilliant Club

We are proud partners of the Brilliant Club since September 2013. This outstanding academic access programme delivers programmes of university-style tutorials to small groups of high performing pupils. Alongside the tutorials, a combination of university trips and academic conferences equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and ambition that help them students to secure places at highly selective universities. Year 7&8 complete this programme in autumn 2013 and Year 9&10 began to take part in January 2014.

This challenging academic environment supports continued success within a context of high expectations and promotes a culture that champions excellence and hard work.  The Brilliant Club Programme emphasises progression to highly selective universities and helps pupils to accomplish this by:

(i) Providing an academic challenge that takes them above and beyond their current key stage,
(ii) Developing a range of core academic skills,
(iii) Modelling how to become independent learners, and
(iv) Broadening their horizons about what excellent learning is.

More information about the Programme can be found here

Into University

25 students in each year group work with the charity Into University on their secondary FOCUS Programme. This unique programme is run by dedicated staff from the Brent Into University centre and offers young people learning experiences which aim to immerse them in a single topic or subject area. It includes workshops and holiday FOCUS activities, Extending Horizons Weekends away; and after-school Careers-in-FOCUS.  All FOCUS provision concludes with a ‘graduation’ ceremony with certificates and a celebration of the young people’s work.
You may find out more about their work here

U Explore

Ark Academy is pleased to off our students U Explore. U-Explore is the independent and impartial careers platform that inspires young people about their futures and places them in control of their own learning and progression. Not only does your child now have access to U-Explore at school, they can also log on 24/7, wherever they have an internet connection, to access a wealth of exciting careers features, including over 2,000 written and video job profiles across 14 industry sectors, 360-degree Virtual Tours of real work environments and advice on how to apply for a college or university course, work experience placement or even a job.

How should my child use it?

There is no structured route through U-Explore. Your child can log on at any time for instant access to completely impartial information, advice and guidance that will help them to make informed choices about their future options. If your child has no idea where to start, they can begin their journey by searching by their favourite subjects, interests, their best skills and qualities or even the qualifications they are studying for.

You could sit with your child and discuss any thoughts they already have surrounding their future, encouraging them to make notes in the Notepad (found in the toolbar to the left of the page) or 'like' any jobs, qualifications, workplaces or learning environments that they are interested in. These preferences will be saved in your child's individual Profile, which can also be accessed from the toolbar to the left of the page.

What if I want to use U-Explore myself?

That's fine - many adults have used U-Explore to find out more about opportunities for themselves. We would, however, ask you not to log in using your child's user details as this affects the tracking data the school uses. Instead, please register yourself using the information below:

Go to and click the 'User Login' tab at the top of the page.

Click the 'Register' button.

1. Enter your personal details in the About You section
2. In the About Your Establishment section, select your child's school from the drop down list ( Middlesex, Wembley, Ark Academy)
3. Enter your child's school year and tick the 'Parent' box
4. In the registration code, enter ARK 2013
5. Create a memorable username and password for yourself
6. Click 'Register' then log in using your new username and password and begin exploring!
You can find out more about U Explore here

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