Morning Reading

Morning Reading at Ark Academy

At Ark Academy we take students’ ability to read seriously because we understand how much a student’s ability to read matters to their future.

We all know how important good reading skills are to students when they approach exams, and recent research by Oxford University showed that the only out of school activity that correlated to getting a future professional job was reading. So at Ark Academy we have one aim when it comes to students’ reading, and that is:

“All students love reading and get better at it”

To make this aim a reality every* student  in Key Stage 3 reads for 30 minutes every morning, Monday – Thursday.

In Morning Reading students do one of three things:

  • Read a book as a group Our library keeps class sets of a large range of popular children’s fiction. Classes select a book to read together that they will enjoy, and that will challenge their reading ability and develop their vocabulary. Students and their teachers read out loud to each other while everyone else follows.
  • Complete comprehension activities Because we take students’ reading ability seriously, we are always looking to ensure that students’ reading is developing. For this reason we regularly assess students’ comprehension of what they are reading, and their ability to read.
  • Read their own books If students are going to love reading they will need to learn to find books that they love and to read them on their own. For this reason students read books that they have chosen for themselves on at least one morning a week.

* Unless they are a securely skilled reader and they take an extra language instead.

Monitoring students’ reading ability

Because we take students’ ability to read so seriously we want to monitor and support their reading. We do this in a number of ways:

  • All students take a reading test once every half term
  • Reading ages are printed on every school report
  • Students who need more help with their reading will read one on one with a teaching assistant
  • Students struggling with reading strategies will take a phonics programme
  • Students with English as an additional language have their own reading group

If you are a parent who would like to help their child read, click here to download the information sheet.