Staff List 2016-2017

 Senior Staff

Delia Smith Principal
Tim Dainty Associate Principal - Pupils & Inclusion
Carla Haslam Vice Principal - Citizenship & Ethos
Aishling Ryan Vice Principal - Curriculum and Assessment
Tracey Keane Vice Principal - Operations and Planning
Sarah Geary Assistant Principal (Maternity Leave)
Jade Downey Assistant Principal
Tom Sawbridge Assistant Principal (Sixth Form)
Robbie Alexander Assistant Principal (Sixth Form)
Claire Hickling Assistant Principal

Teaching Staff

Daniel Paton Head of Art
Sarah Sandeman Art Teacher
Michelle Falconer Lead Teacher of Food and Textiles
Hassan Izzidien Lead Teacher of Graphics and RM
Martin Leather Food Technology and Textiles Teacher
Charles Evans DT Teacher
Daniel Yamoah - Asare DT Teacher
Alice Jackson Head of Drama and Head of Newton House
Aelisha Lisk Drama Teacher and Head of Year 7
Brian O'Sullivan Drama Teacher b.o'
Amy Hanna Head of English
Judith Wada 2 i/c of English
Alex Cooper English Teacher and Head of Year 9
Kirsty Woods English Teacher (Maternity Leave)
Natasha Lewis-Smith KS4 co-ordinator for English
Jonathan Suttle English Literacy Lead and Co-ord Lexia and Primary Liaison
Isabel Clark English Teacher and Assistant Head of Year 9
Claire Barton English Teacher and Head of Year 8
Carey Johnstone English Teacher
Martin Thompson English Teacher
Yemi Olanipekun English Teacher
Matthew Jarrett English Teacher
Alison Boyd English Teacher - ATT
Maddy Saha English Teacher
Edward Chandler Head of Geography
Andrew McGregor 2 i/c in Geography &  Assistant Head of Year 10 & 11
Lucia Tamburello Geography Teacher
Nikita Doherty Geography Teacher with added responsibility and Assistant Head of Year 7
Alexa Sanders Head of History
Fiona Pitkin History Teacher and Head of Year 10
Fred Oxby History Teacher
Joseph Coward History Teacher and Year 7 reading Programme and Show My Homework co-ordinator
Emi Ozeke Director of Maths
Janette Bowley 2 i/c Maths
Saba Buney Maths Teacher ATT
Tom Ding Mathematics Teacher and  Head of Curie House
Katie Butler Maths KS4 Enrichment Co - ord and Head of Socrates House
Alina Milea Maths KS3 Enrichment co-ordinator and  Assistant Head of Year 8
Emily Iliffe Mathematics and Economics Teacher
Nicole Holmes Mathematics Teacher
Connor Parsons Mathematics Teacher
Khadijah Khairoun Mathematics Teacher
Charlotte Russell Mathematics Teacher
Oscar Skehel Mathematics Teacher
Nicolas Triantafilidis Mathematics Teacher
Simon Gardiner Head of Media Studies
Mathilde Bourquin Head of MFL
Zahira Ransome i/c MFL
Guillermo H-Munoz MFL Teacher
Primrose Miller MFL Teacher
Emily Verelst MFL Teacher
Lynne Sharp Head of Music
Edmund Hazledine Music Teacher
Elsa Walker Music Teacher - ATT
Nicola Addison Head of Girls’ PE and Head of Plato House
Kelly Gallagher Girls' PE Teacher
Sarah Jones Girls PE Teacher
Stephen O’Carroll Head of Boys’ PE and NQT co-ordinator
Matthew Foster Boys’ PE Teacher and Head of Year 11
Sam Edmondson Boys' PE Teacher
Louise Shotton Inclusion Coordinator
Rebecca Owen Head of RE
Hannah Abdule RE Teacher
Jess Macivor RE Teacher
Anna Mason Head of Psychology
Cynthia Bondonga Psychology Teacher
Morag Armstrong Head of Science
Shannon McGrath 2 i/c Science
Colin Clarke Lead Teacher of Biology
Shabnam Mohammed (Maternity Leave) Science Teacher and KS3 co-ordinator
Rachel Douglas Science Teacher
Maryan Salad Science Teacher with added responsibility
Heather Rafferty Science Teacher with added responsibility
Ragavan Nagaratnam Science Teacher
Adam Dineen Science Teacher
Laura Sach Science Teacher
Thomais Markou Science Teacher
Memoona Rahman Science Teacher
Ellen Shortis Science Teacher