Outstanding A Level and AS Level succes for students at Ark Academy

A Level Results

The second cohort of students to graduate from Ark Academy’s recently opened sixth form have improved on last year’s results with a significant increase in the top grades achieved, with a quarter of the grades   A*/A and 60% A*-B grades.

We are incredibly proud of the results achieved that has enabled them to attain excellent university places. Some of the highlights are shared below.


  • Of the 93 students in year 13, 71% achieved 3+A*-C grades and 38% 3+A*-B grades.
  • 25% of all results attained were grade A or A*and 84% of all results were a grade C or higher; additionally, the average grade achieved overall is a grade B.
  • Overall, 93% of our year 13 cohort passed 3 or more A levels.


  • Our ALPs score - a measure of student attainment against the top quarter of students nationally - is extremely positive at grade 3. In effect, this means our results are in the top 25% of grades across the country.
  • Furthermore, our estimated L3VA (Level 3 Value Added) is positive showing students progressed well in comparison with all peers nationally.
Headline Measure Summer 2 2017/2019
ALPS School T-Score Grade 3
L3VA (estimated) +0.12
% 3+ A* - C 72%
% 3+ A* - E 93%
Average A Level grade Grade B

Subject Success

  • Our subject results also had plenty of highlights. Sociology and religious studies in particular did extremely well with 74% and 70% respectively achieving A*-B. In history, further maths, French, geography, media studies, Spanish and product design 100% of students achieved A*-C. 
  • We are particularly proud also of our first ever cohort of Business Studies Level 3 BTEC pupils. 45% of pupils achieved D*DD (equivalent to A*AA at A-Level), 91% DMM or better (equivalent to BBC grades at A-Level) where 100% of pupils achieving a MMM or better (equivalent to 3 C grades at A-Level)
  A* - D A* - C A* - B
Art 100% 100% 100%
Biology 95% 86% 59%
Chemistry 83% 54% 38%
Economics 100% 92% 75%
English Literature 100% 90% 60%
French 100% 100% 50%
Further Maths 100% 100% 100%
Geography 100% 100% 80%
History 100% 100% 78%
Maths 90% 74% 49%
Media Studies 100% 100% 89%
Product Design 100% 100% 100%
PE 80% 40% 20%
Physics 91% 82% 64%
Psychology 100% 88% 64%
Religious Studies 100% 100% 91%
Sociology 100% 96% 61%
Spanish 100% 100% 0%
Textiles 100% 100% 50%
  Attain >=MMP Attain>=DMM Attain>=D*DD
Business Studies (PP) 100% 91% 45%

University life begins

We are so immensely proud that two students gained places at Cambridge University. The first is Isabelle Addo, who achieved A*, A, B in English, sociology and French and is going on to study Human, Political and Social Sciences at Homerton College Cambridge. Additionally, Minali Alwis, our Head Girl achieved AAA in Geography, Economics and Religious Studies and will be studying geography at Kings College, Cambridge. We are turely delighted for both as they will also receive the Oxbridge Reuben Scholarship of £22,500 each, courtesy of the generosity of the Ark Sponsors.

Iman Ahmadi achieved A*AAA in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry and will study Physics at Imperial College London. Alexandru Ion will also be joining him at Imperial College.

Alexandru achieved AAA in Chemistry, Biology and Maths not only achieved his place to read Medical Biosciences, but again, through the Ark Schools bursary process has received a fantastic bursary from Urbanest for accommodation for 3 years, worth in excess of £30,000. It’s not surprising that he said “My hands were shaking when I logged on to UCAS track.” Alex joined Ark Academy in Year 8 having come from Romania with very little English.

Many other students gained excellent grades Maryline Maruthan having achieved distinctions in Business Studies BTEC (D*DD) will take up her place at Birmingham University.

90% of all of our pupils will take up places at university in the coming year. One student Jordan Totimeh has won a place on a highly competitive Higher Apprenticeship scheme with Visa, while the rest, 9% take a gap year or have deferred their university place for a year. Business management was the winner this year with eleven five students opting to study at various top universities, a credit to the achievement of our BTEC Level 3 Business Studies course.  Biomedical Science also proved to be very popular choice with six students attending a variety of top universities from Imperial to Kings College, Warwick to Coventry. Overall 94% of our students have achieved university places, 34% in high tariff universities. 95% of the students who started in Year 12 2016 completed their course of study with us in Year 13.

AS Results

We are proud to share the results of the third, and final, set of AS results at Ark Academy, as we move to the linear model from September 2018. Our year 12 students worked hard this year and it has paid off. There are many successes relating to student attainment, progress from their starting point and of course, subject successes. Some of the highlights are shared below.


  • We were delighted that 45% of the year group attained 3 or more A-C and additionally 73% attained 3 or more A-E
  • 50% of the grades achieved by our year 12 students were B or A.
  • 72% of all results were a C or above.


  • In terms of progress, our estimated ALPs score is exceptionally high at grade 2. ALPs is a measure of student attainment against the top quarter of students nationally. In effect, our grade 2 demonstrates this year’s year 12 results place Ark Academy in the top 10%across the country.
  • Furthermore, our estimated L3VA (Level 3 Value Added) is positive showing students progressed well in comparison with all peers nationally. 
Headline Measure 2018 2017 2016
ALPs School T-Score Grade 2 Grade 2 4
L3VA +1.04 +0.22  
% 3+ A*-B 24% 29% 18%
% 3+ A* - C 45% 58% 29%
% 3+ A* - E 73% 86% 71%

Subject Success

In terms of subject results, there were a number of highlights; 65% of biologists and 60% of both sociologists and historians achieved a grade A or B.

100% of students attained an A*-C in geography as did 93% in history and 89% in English Literature.

While not highlighted it the results table above due to the linear nature of the course congratulations should also be paid to the Applied Science BTEC Level 3 cohort who have made a terrific start to the course and 95% of pupils achieving M or better and 75% D or better in their most recent externally assessed unit.

  A-D A-C A-B
Art 100% 100% 100%
Biology 87% 83% 65%
Chemistry 79% 63% 38%
Economics 83% 71% 58%
English Literature 89% 89% 56%
Geography 100% 100% 50%
Gov & Pol 84% 53% 21%
History 100% 93% 60%
Maths 72% 64% 49%
Physics 76% 41% 29%
Philosophy 100% 92% 50%
Psychology 71% 53% 41%
Sociology 87% 80% 60%

These results leave our students in a very strong position going forward into Year 13, where we have retained 95% of our Year 12 cohort.

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