Outstanding A level and AS success for students at Ark Academy

Ark Academy are proudly celebrating outstanding ‘A’ Level results with its first cohort of students. As a school we opened in 2010 and have grown with these students. Many achieved the top grades enabling them to attain excellent university places. Of the 75 students in Year 13, 57% achieved 3+A*-C grades and nearly a third 3+A*-B grades

Two students gained places at Cambridge University, Jai Sorabji Stewart achieved 4 A*s in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry and will study Mathematics at St John’s Cambridge. Aliyah Lashani-Ewing will also be studying Philosophy at Cambridge after attaining 3 A*s.

Clement Owusu (Head Boy) arrived in Year 8 from Italy with little English and achieved 3 A’s in Economics, Geography and Philosophy. He will be studying Philosophy and Global Sustainable Development at Warwick.

Clement, along with 6 other Year 13 students, is a recipient of a Marshall Wace Bursary to help talented Ark students heading for top universities, who might not otherwise be able to afford higher education. Clement said “The support from my teachers was immense.”

Many other students gained really excellent grades and university places. Andrei Bogdan will be studying Computer Science at Bristol, five students will be studying maths at various top universities and engineering also proved to be very popular choice with eight students attending a variety of top universities from Bath to Sheffield. Overall 94% of our students achieved university places, 33% in the top 10% of universities, + 25% attained Russell group places.

A-Level Results

  • Our year 13 achieved highly across the board; 21% of all results were grade A or A*and 82% of all results were a grade C or higher
  • The average grade achieved overall is a grade C
  • We were very pleased that 86% of students passed 3 or more A levels and 57% got 3 or more A*-C
  • Additionally, our ALPs score is extremely positive at grade 3 – meaning our year 13 results are in the top 25% for progress nationally.
  • Our subject results also had plenty of highlights. In maths, our subject specialism, 79% of students attained an A*-C and 32% of students attained A or A*. Also in further maths, 79% of students attained an A*-B. The sciences showed similar successes; in both physics and chemistry, 50% of students attained an A*-B. In biology, 82% of students attained an A*-C.
  • We were delighted that all students studying history achieved an A*-B  as did 86% of sociologists and 75% of the philosophy and religion students.

AS Results

  • Our year 12 students also did us proud, with 58% attaining 3 or more A*-C and 47% attaining 4 or more A*-C
  • Just under half the grades achieved by our year 12 students were B, A or A*. Additionally, 75% of all results were a C or above and the overall average grade attained was a grade C.
  • In terms of progress, our ALPs score is exceptionally high at grade 2 – meaning our year 12 results are in the top 10% for progress nationally.
  • In terms of subject results, there were a number of highlights in the STEM subjects; every further maths student attained an A*-B as did 43% of students in biology and chemistry and 62% of students in physics.
  • 80% of students attained an A*-C in English Literature as did 93% in philosophy and religion. Pleasingly, 78% of geography students attained an A*-B as did 68% of our sociologists.


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