Welcome to the Ark Academy website. Our aim is to ensure that all our pupils develop as high achieving, confident, articulate young people whose education fully equips them to go on to university or the career of their choice.
We are delighted that within three months of opening in our brand new school Ark Academy was judged as outstanding by Ofsted. They stated:

“A great deal of work has brought about a new school that has quickly established high expectations and secured impressive progress in the short period since opening. Pupils make outstanding progress in their studies.”

We are very ambitious for all our pupils and believe that our emphasis on the study of subjects in depth through our extended day is a key feature of our success. At the end of each day we also enrich our offer with a wide variety of activities, from extra sports and specialist clubs to extended support for literacy, mathematics and science. We also spend a great deal of time ensuring that as teachers we are well prepared and continuously learning and enhancing how we teach in order to extend our students.

We're very proud of our Case Studies, which detail some of this work. You can read or download them here. There is also a training film (along with other videos) which describes our approach to staff learning; it can been seen here.

You will see our motto ‘Civitas’ everywhere around the school. We are first and foremost citizens and this is what binds us together. We want our students to grow into rounded, confident, ambitious young people who aspire to high achievement and will make a mark on the world.

Ark Academy is not for the faint-hearted. We expect a great deal of hard work from our pupils. We know nothing worthwhile was ever achieved differently. We expect high standards from everyone and believe that the simple formula of “work hard, be nice” will ensure the best future for our pupils. To this end we are “compassionately ruthless” in implementing our standards and expect that parents will wish the same for their offspring.

As the Founder Principal of Ark Academy I am conscious of the rare privilege and opportunity of opening and now expanding a brand new school. I also want to thank our ‘Founder Parents’ and pupils for the faith they have placed in our vision.

We are now in our fifth year and our founder students in Year 11 are preparing for their GCSEs. Our founder primary pupils are also in the top year of primary, Year 6. We look forward to welcoming many of them into Year 7 in September 2015.

We are now planning our sixth form for September 2015 and looking forward to delivering high quality courses that will enable our students to progress to higher education.

We are very proud of the school we have built here and the opportunities it offers our students. I look forward to working with our parents in the coming years to ensure the best for their children.


Delia Smith OBE