Sixth Form Procedures for Attendance and Lateness

  1. Students are expected to attend all timetabled lessons, study periods and tutor times as directed by their Head of Year.
  2. In the case of illness, on the first day of absence parents are expected to contact the school reception by telephone as a matter of courtesy by 8.15am that day. A letter or email from the parent to the Sixth Form Administrator ( should be provided on the first day of their return.
  3. Parents of a student who is absent without reason will be sent a text message by the Sixth Form Administrator that same day.
  4. If a student misses any lesson, tutor period or study period without suitable notice or is late three or more times in a week, they’ll be required to ‘catch up’ the time in Compulsory Catch Up from 3:10pm - 4:00pm on a Friday.
  5. Persistent poor punctuality and absence will be addressed according to the Sixth Form Disciplinary Policy.
  6. If a student needs to leave school early a request must be made in writing. This should be shown to their Sixth Form Tutor 24 hours in advance of the day.
  7. Parents will be contacted by the Sixth Form Tutor or Sixth Form Administrator whenever there is any doubt or concern regarding a student’s absence. Even if notes are received, concerns regarding attendance may be brought to the attention of the Head of Year and Director of Sixth Form.
  8. In the case of prolonged or repeated absences due to illness students may be requested to provide a doctor’s letter for confirmation. If the situation continues please be aware the school may contact parents to discuss the issue.

Absences in special circumstances

  • Absences must be limited to cases of real illness and holidays will not be authorised during school time.
  • However, it is acknowledged that there may be special circumstances where you may be absent from school.
  • In these circumstances, a request should be put in writing to the Director of Sixth Form clearly stating the reasons for the proposed absence.
  • The circumstances of your request will be considered and you will receive a written response.
  • Where the decision is taken to refuse permission, the absence will remain unauthorised should you choose to ignore this.
Absence authorised proof required in advance
Personal issues e.g. doctor, dental, opticians, orthodontist appointments & funerals Yes Students to bring evidence to Sixth Form Tutor
Birthdays or similar celebrations No  
Driving test - practical Yes Students to bring evidence to Sixth Form Tutor
Driving Test - Theory exam and lessons No  
Holidays No  
University Open Days and Summer Schools At the discretion of Sixth Form Tutor Students to email Sixth Form Tutor for permission
Other i.e. examinations, job interview, participation in extra curricular activities, rehearsal for events relating to schools etc. At the discretion of Sixth Form Tutor Students to bring evidence to Head of Year

Sixth Form Attendance Policy