Teaching and learning is the main thing. The promotion of high quality learning is at the heart of all our endeavours. We aim to inspire a future of passionate historians, mathematicians, scientists by delivering challenging and engaging lessons. Our teachers have excellent subject knowledge and are passionate about challenging each child to engage, stretch themselves and develop a love of learning. We use data intelligently to support our planning and ensure teaching is meeting the needs of students and improving outcomes.

Excellent teaching is underpinned by a clear view of pedagogy which promotes expert teaching. Through our lessons we build student understanding and work to ensure that knowledge is committed to the long term memory. Our teachers have a clear understanding of how the learning fits into the broader curriculum. We achieve this through curriculum planning which focuses on progression through the age-related curriculum. The concepts, knowledge and skills necessary to be successful are embedded at each stage so that students can successively access the curriculum as it becomes progressively more challenging.

We ensure consistency of provision and access to learning through our whole school commitment to co-planning. All lessons within a topic are delivered across the whole cohort. All teachers then adapt their plans to meet the learning needs of the class they are teaching but the key learning remains the same. We deliver our medium term plans through Fertile Questions. These knit together a sequence of lessons. The questions are thought provoking, challenging and holistic. We know this approach engages pupils and helps them see the links between concepts and knowledge.