Hello and welcome to Ark Academy.

Ark Academy is a school with high standards, high expectations and is underpinned by our core values: Civitas, Excellence, Perseverance and Participation. Our goal is that every student, regardless of their background or privilege, can go to higher education or the career of their choice and participate fully in our democratic society.

Our core value is Civitas and we teach children to be caring, polite, conscientious and motivated members of society. We want our children to aim high and be happy, successful citizens.

Ark Academy is an all-through academy and we pride ourselves on being a part of a bigger picture of a child's education that can run from nursery all way through to sixth form college. The ethos of the academy is the same in all sections of the school.

Our school is a welcoming and nurturing environment. Our staff put the needs of the children first and are focused on their progress. We value teamwork and professional development very highly so that we can do the very best job that we can for the children. Please feel very welcome to visit the school by contacting the school office.

I am proud to be the headteacher of Ark Academy and hope that I can help give the children the successful future that they deserve.

    Peter Watkins