Key Staff


Delia Smith Principal
Tim Dainty Senior Vice Principal - Pupils & Inclusion
Annabel Bates Vice Principal - Teaching and Learning
Carla Haslam Vice Principal - Citizenship & Ethos
Ross Styles Assistant Principal – NQT Co-ordinator / Training / Reading
Aishling Ryan Assistant Principal - Assessment, Tracking and Data
Tracey Keane Assistant Principal - Operations and Planning
John Kirkman Director of English / Associate Lead Staff Development
Nital Patel Head of Art
Juliette Hodges Art Teacher
Zoe Hicks Head of Design Technology
Michelle Falconer Lead Teacher of Food and Textiles
Hassan Izzidien DT Teacher
Katherine Geldard DT Teacher
Sarah Geary Head of Drama and Head of Year 10  

(Maternity Leave)
Alice Johnson Acting Head of Drama
Aelisha Lisk Drama Teacher
Alex Cooper 2 i/c English and Head of Newton House
Jade Downey English Teacher and Head of Year 9
Nikita Sutton English Teacher with added responsibility
Rebecca Fearnley English Teacher
Kirsty Mason English Teacher
Judith Wada English Teacher
Lucy Burdett English Teacher
Natasha Lewis-Smith English Teacher
Edward Chandler Head of Geography
Grace Eminton Geography Teacher
Madeline Cuming Geography Teacher
Claire Thompson Head of History
Alexa Sanders History Teacher
Fiona Pitkin History Teacher
Amir Fakhoury Head of ICT, Computing and Business
Emi Ozeke Head of Maths
Janette Bowley 2 i/c Maths
Nick Edwards Mathematics Teacher
Tasnia Choudhury Mathematics Teacher
Ban Kubba Mathematics Teacher
Dr Beth Norris Mathematics Teacher
Robert Higson Mathematics Teacher
Tom Ding Mathematics ITT
Talia Houri Mathematics ITT
Despina Giannarou Head of MFL
Yanse Cooper 2 i/c MFL
Rachael Arnold MFL Teacher
Julie O’Connell MFL Teacher
Bernadine Cooke Head of Music
Jeremy Franklin Music Teacher
Nicola Addison Head of Girls’ PE and Head of Plato House (Acting Head of Year 10)
Katie James PE Teacher
Stephen O’Carroll Head of Boys’ PE and Head of Curie House
Matthew Foster Boys’ PE Teacher and Head of Year 8
Louise Shotton Inclusion Coordinator
Jennifer Cullen SEN/Nurture teacher
Ayesha Ibrahim Head of RE
Shannon McGrath 2 i/c Science
Ian Weerakone Science Teacher
Claire Hickling Science Teacher and Head of Year 7
Bethan Shute Science Teacher
Emily Fair Science Teacher
Stuart Barnes Lead teacher of Physics
Kamini Patel Science Teacher