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At primary school level, we aim to introduce pupils to the idea that life and language outside of the UK is different and exciting. With a strong focus on developing memory and confidence, pupils will communicate ideas, facts, and feelings about themselves in both speech and writing, focusing on asking and answering both personal and transactional questions. Pupils will be introduced to new grammatical concepts through structured and deliberate patterns, allowing them to acquire basic grammatical terminology to succeed at KS3 MFL. In parallel, pupils will explore selected cultural aspects of the French-speaking world, to increase their cultural capital and intercultural understanding.

In MFL, our aims are:

  • for pupils to gain the confidence and skills to learn a new language – skills that will be transferrable to other subjects (e.g. learning information off by heart, proof reading)
  • for pupils to understand that French requires them to think differently (e.g. grammar)
  • for pupils to discover new grammatical concepts (such as gender)
  • for pupils to be able to communicate ideas, facts, and feelings and recognise key questions
  • for pupils to enjoy using French in class, around school, at home and when on holiday abroad
  • for pupils to enjoy and appreciate the complexity of the French language and see it as a challenge
  • for pupils to demonstrate curiosity about the target language culture, embracing similarities and differences
  • for pupils to be supported in developing their resilience and encouraged to learn from their mistakes

In 2021-2022, both Years 3 and 5 will follow the same ab initio French curriculum, as neither class will have prior learning of French. The secondary-specialist MFL teacher will differentiate lessons for both year groups as appropriate, providing greater support or challenge to enable all pupils to thrive. The curriculum and its delivery will be reviewed at the end of the year with a differentiated curriculum planned to be in place for 2022-23.

Outcomes. By the end of the year, pupils will be able to:

Our ideal linguist can:

  1. Give personal information about themselves and their family in writing and in speaking
  2. Understand others giving personal information about themselves and their family in reading and listening
  3. Recall a list of places in town from memory
  4. Complete gapped texts using familiar structures: j’aime, il y a, j’ai.
  5. Express positive and negative opinions, and begin to justify them

  • use the context to infer the meaning of a word
  • begin to break down unfamiliar words
  • accurately transcribe the French they have learned
  • explain their ideas clearly
  • memorise key questions
  • translate from and into French with growing accuracy