Ark Academy triumph at lockdown Sports Day Challenge

Tuesday 21 July 2020

Ark Academy has been crowned the winner of the Ark Sports Day Challenge having travelled the furthest distance of 23,943km.

The Coronavirus pandemic meant children would miss out on their traditional school sports day. So, Ark, one of the country’s top-performing academy networks, organised a virtual version. 

The Ark Sports Day Challenge ran from 1st to 15th July and encouraged students, parents, staff, and school communities to 'travel' the distance around the world, which is 40,000 km by running, walking, cycling or any other inventive ways. 

In total, 446 people from Ark Academy took part and they raised £5000. The money will help Ark schools and students recover and build the needed resilience for the coming weeks and months because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The response to the challenge was overwhelming with 3,805 people and 373 teams completing distances totalling more than 195,000 km.

In just five days and 11 hours, participants had been around the world. So, Ark extended the challenge into the solar system – travelling the distance around the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Pluto and beyond. 

Ark Academy Principal, Delia Smith, said: “Well done to our everyone who led us to victory. This challenge has been a wonderful way to bring the school together in what has been a challenging time for all of us. I’m pleased that students did not miss out.”

A huge shout out to all houses as all four teams finished in the top 10 leaderboard for teams across the network who travelled the furthest!

School which has travelled the furthest:

1. Ark Academy - 23,943km

​2. Ark Dickens - 23,566km 

​3. Ark Alexandra - 19,396km 

​4. Ark Charter - 12,670km 

​5. Ark Elvin- 11,749km 

​6. Ark Bolingbroke - 10,637km

​7. Ark Victoria - 7007km 

​8. Ark Blacklands - 6914km 

​9. Ark Tindal - 6864km 

​10. Ark Burlington Danes - 6104km 

​11. Ark Putney- 5748km 

​12. Ark Evelyn Grace- 5211km 

​13. Ark Globe - 4344km 

​14. Ark Byron - 4148km

15. Ark Isaac Newton - 3561km 

16. Ark Walworth- 2498km 

​17. Ark John Archer- 2282km 

​18. Ark King Solomon- 2240km 

​19. Ark Greenwich- 2026km 

​20. Ark Little Ridge- 1892km  

Team which has travelled the furthest:

​1. AAA Science - 5536km Ark Alexandra

​2. Secondary Family & Friends - 5319km Ark Academy

​3. Ark Academy Primary - 3741km Ark Academy

​4. AAA PE Team - 3601km Ark Alexandra

​5. Plato 3535km Ark Academy

​6. Socrates - 3320m Ark Academy

7. Team Science - 2611km Ark Elvin

​8. Newton - 2589m Ark Academy

​9. Curie - 2582m Ark Academy

​10. Rowling Staff - 2547km Ark Charter

​11. Beckham Staff - 2546km Ark Charter

​12. Team SEN and PE- 2287km Ark Elvin

​13. Primary Staff- 1965km Ark Burlington Danes

​14. Governance Team- 1963km Ark Central

​15. Team Data - 1915m Ark Central


The results are available on the website: