Ark Academy, Wembley Park, yet again delivers outstanding GCSE results

Thursday 22 August 2019

In the first year of all GCSE exams in the new format, Ark Academy students delivered with an overall average attainment of 5.0, a strong pass.

  • Students again maintained their impressive outcomes in maths and English with 75% attaining 4+ and 50% 5+ in both English and maths.
  • In English results have improved further with 82% of students achieving 4+ in English Literature and 76% in English Language. English Literature outcomes were particularly impressive with 70% of students scoring a strong pass of 5+ and nearly 30% achieving 7+ grades.
  • 81% of our students scored a pass in mathematics and 20% achieved 7+ grades.
  • The results were particularly pleasing at the highest grades with a fantastic 64 grade 9 (up 13 grades from last year).
  • 14 grade 9’s were achieved in Religious Education, 10 in History, 7 in English Literature, 5 in geography and 4 in English Language, maths, Biology, chemistry and physics. Nearly a quarter of all grades are 7+ and 57% of grades a strong pass.

With these impressive grades Ark Academy has a bumper crop of sixth form students.

Mahdi Mushattat achieved an incredibly impressive 9 grade 9’s, 1 grade 8 and an ‘A’ grade in Additional Maths. He will study maths, further maths, physics and chemistry in our sixth form.

Meesha Nathan Stoute 4 grade 9’s, 5 8’s, 1 7 and grade C in Additional Maths was also thrilled with her results.


Shukri Lloyd always a maths geek, in Year 7 could recite the numbers of Pi to 500. Scored an impressive 6 grade 9’s, 3 8’s and 1 7

plus a C in Additional maths. She is another STEM candidate for our sixth form.

The two Olivia’s:

Olivia Bradshaw (on the left) was thrilled with her 3 9’s, 4 8’s, 2 7’s and grade C in Additional Maths will combine 3 ‘A’ levels with her talent in art and continue to study as a faith.

Olivia Lee (on the right) received 1 9, 3 8’s, 5 7’s, 1 6 and grade C in Additional Maths said she was relived and really pleased that she can now pursue ‘A’ levels supporting her two loves of engineering and music.


The moment of truth for Jonathan Tate and Usman Shahzad.

Jonathan Tate has the results necessary to contine his twin loves of maths and music at ‘A’ level.

Usman Shahzad scored an impressive 3 8’s, 4 7’s and 2 6’s.



Daneil Johnson Buckley, may not have smiled but he was very happy with 2 grade 9’s, 4 8’s, 2 7’s, 1 6, 1 5 and grade C in Additonal Maths.

Daneil said he worked very hard for his grades and is pleased that he can now study ‘A’ level maths/further maths, history and politics at Ark.

Saif Ahmed achieved 2 grade 9’s, 7 8’s, 1 6 and grade B in Additional maths.

There are many other students with fabulous grades and stories which contibuted to 57% of students who achieved 8+ 9-4 GCSE grades and 64 students (38%) who gained 5+ 9-5 grades.


Mrs Smith said “some very hard working students, with the help of staff, gained some very impressive results.”