Ark Robotics

Tuesday 06 February 2018

On Friday 2nd February Ark’s Robotics Club entered our first regional competition for Vex IQ Robotics.

Being their first competition the students were impressed by the setting of the City of London Freemen’s school. Fifteen teams from various state and private schools were already in full swing, making last minute builds on their robots when we arrived. Soon after arrival the matches begun with a schedule of 13 matches across the whole day which meant that the teams quickly had to get to grips with a scoring system which was a cross between Eurovision and the American Electoral College. After the first few matches the table positions became set and remained relatively constant throughout the whole day and our teams, the Bytebots finished the first round in 6th and Flipbots 15th. Despite their table positions our students persevered till the very end, improving and adapting with each match. They did us proud!

The top ten being progressed to the second round of qualifiers which meant the Bytebots competed in one more match to establish their final results. With a last minute mechanical and tactical change, our young engineers jumped to 1st with only a few schools able to knock us off the pedestal. After a nail biting finish, the Bytebots eventually ended up 3rd, only just missing out on a place in the National finals.

We definitely have a group of bright engineers of the future.