Ark Schools Indoor Athletics Championships

Yesterday select members from year 7 and 8 students made their way to Lee Valley Indoor Athletics centre for the Ark groups first athletics meet of the year. This was a great opportunity for some of the returning year 8s to start their season in preparation for the summer season and for the year 7s, a first try to perform for the school and even try and event they had never tried before! All students conducted themselves in a civitas manor, participated at a great standard, showed persistence, and achieved excellence individually and in a team.

Both year 7s and 8s were mixed with girls starting on track events whilst the boys began their day with the field events.

Year 8 girls started with blistering pace with 1st place finishes for Shyan and Alice in the 60m and 200m respectively. Sienna also had an excellent performance in the 200m claiming 2nd place at her first attempt. This was followed up with some great performances in the 300m and 800m by some of the year 7 girls in their first events against year 8s with Audrey A getting a 3rd place finish in 800m and then proceeded to do an extra 200m for good measure.

The boys started well in their field events with many trying their event for the first time with impressive performances specifically with Jake O in the triple jump and Wassim M in the long jump.

After a quick lunch the boys started their track events event with Jake showing his speed by claiming 2nd in the 60m with some equally good attempts at the daunting 60m hurdles by Milan and Andrei. Tyreece and Wassim had great performances in the 800m building on their house cross-country results with a 1st place finish for Wassim and a 3rd for Tyreece.

Field events for the girls went well with Cleo getting some great scores for high jump putting pressure on the competition and Aliyaah and Abigail throwing some great shot-put distances.

Finally, the last event was the 200m x4 relay races with Ark Academy having great potential with the plethora of fast athletes. The boys started with a team of three year 7s and a year 8 in: Alan, Milan, Tyreece and Jake. They were the best of the rest and claimed an impressive 2nd place as Ark Globe dominated the race. The girls team comprised of four year 8 girls: Alice, Aliyaah, Suad and Shyan and this was certainly the race of the day. The girls showed tremendous speed and resolve to blaze the competition and claim a truly incredible 1st place!


Overall, Ark academy managed to get onto the podium with the girl’s team coming 3rd place with 54 points, missing out to 2nd place by 1 point!


Y7 Boys

Y8 Boys

Y7 Girls

Y8 Girls


Wassim M &

Tyreece D

Gabby S &

Audrey A


Ali N & Eduard M

Shayla R & Aliyaah F


Leigha B

Alice Raybe

200m Relay

Wassim, Alan, Tyreece

Jake O

Shyan, Aliyaah,

Suad & Alice


Alan K & Mahkai G

Jake O

Sienna K

Shyan R

60m Hurdles

Andrei K & Milan K

Dominika A &

Mysaa C

Suad O

High Jump

Uzier A & Rabi F

Shayla R & Cleo P

Long jump

Wassim M

Abdul R

Eeman B

Alice R

Triple jump

Jake O

Shot put

Abdulrahman B

Aliyaah F & Abigail K