#ArkSportsDayChallenge update

Monday 06 July 2020

Overall Ark Schools Update…

This years virtual Sports Day is off to a flying start! We are competing against the other Ark schools in the network to travel across the world. With great participation form everyone at Ark Academy to get we are currently in 4th position on the leader board!

We need more parents and pupils to sign up here and track their distance to help our school climb the leader board.


Keep checking our website for regular updates!


“Houses Race Across Europe” – Update…

We are also using tracking pupil and staff participation within our houses at Ark Academy. This years Sports Day winners will be the houses which travels furthest across Europe. After just Day 2 of the competition we can confirm that every single house has officially left Ark Academy and Wembley Stadium on the Race Across Europe!

Below is an update of where each house is according to the data on Thursday evening …

Remember this data is after just 2days of the challenge! Whereabouts will your house be on the next update?

All teams have now left Brighton and are heading to Paris…

Primary have taken the lead!

  1. Primary

  2. Newton

  3. Secondary Family and Friends

  4. Plato

  5. Curie

  6. Socrates