CitySafe Haven Project

The North London Citizens team have been working on a project to make Wembley a safer place. If you are in danger, being chased or feel unsafe when walking home after school or on evenings and weekends, local shops and tube stations can protect you.

The students created a presentation and told two stories of teen schoolboy victims to our Schools Liaison Officer PC Donna. One was about Martin Dinnegan and another about Jimmy Mizen who were being chased, so ran into their local shops but they were both refused help by the owners and as a result were killed by their attackers. PC Donna said ‘Ark is definitely streets ahead in terms of knowledge and practical implication of the Safer Neighbourhoods and CitySafe Haven projects. The students and teachers are both very knowledgeable in this matter.’

To prevent further deaths from happening in the future, the NLC team met with Cllr Butt, who has agreed to launch the Brent Civic Centre as a CitySafe Haven and display the green sticker, signifying its new status as a Haven, in their window. We asked him why he chose to be a part of the campaign and he said, “I do value the community and I want them to feel safe wherever they are. It will raise awareness of what the CitySafe Haven is for, because the Civic Centre is a central point in the community.”

Anish from Year 7Logan said ‘CitySafe is important to me because I care about everyone in our school. Our project builds better relationships between shop owners and young people and will keep us safe.'

The campaigners didn’t stop there - they wanted to raise even more awareness and performed an amazing flash-mob in front of Wembley stadium! We hopefully achieved our aim of making the North London Citizens work known to the public.