Cricket Drop Down Day

Monday 05 July 2021

We had 20 children ranging from two Year 6 children (Nishesh & Ritesh) to our two Year 10 captains (Gusimran & Amin).

Gusimran’s side won the toss and elected to bat first, the wicket looked an absolute belter and the leg-side boundary was particularly tempting. Nishesh, aforementioned Year 6, opened the batting for Gusimran’s side, partnered by Mahad in Year 8. Meanwhile, bowling first for Amin’s side was Ritesh, brother of Arjan Patel. Ritesh bowled with incredible control, only 2 runs being scored off his two overs, whilst early wickets were claimed by Bilal A in Year 9 and Ali M in Year 8. Alongside some great catches in the field, Awais and Hamza lost their wickets to brilliant fielding. Amin threw in from the boundary and made a direct hit on poor Hamza’s wicket. All of this frantic running left Nishesh bemused as he steadily ticked away and ended up top scorer for the batting side with 14 not out.

Gusimran’s side hit 63-7 off their 12 overs, with Ayub, Idris and Amin picking up wickets and Akram in Year 7 impressing with a wicket-maiden.

Ritesh was also selected to opening the batting by captain Amin, and alongside Aleron, set about their opponent’s bowling with real intent. Aleron topped scored during the run chase with a powerful 26, including four 4’s and an enormous 6, before being caught by Mahad off the bowling of Hamza. Bilal finished the innings off with a 6 of his own, finishing on 14 not out whilst Ritesh was also not out on 21. With the game finishing in 8 overs, we played a bonus two overs which enabled Helal, Akram and Amin to face the bowling of Mohamed and Abudllah (Year 9).

Ms Tucker made signs to support her tutees.


Full list of participants and Silver Merits all round:

Year 6




Year 7


Idris C

Awais A

Amarn T

Hamza S

Akram H

Mohamed K

Helal A


Year 8

Mohamed D

Ali M

Mahad Q


Year 9

Bilal A

Mohamed M

Aleron V




Year 10