Earth Day

Wednesday 27 April 2022

On the 22nd of April, Ark Academy Primary celebrated Earth Day. We started the day with an assembly hosted by our Eco Warrior group. They told us all about Earth Day and why it is important. We also learnt about what we can do to help the Earth and our environment. The whole school studied the book Dear Earth by Isabel Otter and then wrote their own letters of appreciation to the Earth.


Each class then completed an activity to help look after the environment.

Year 1 learnt about food miles and the environmental impact of the food they buy. They are growing their own runner beans!

Year 2 learnt about how deforestation is affecting the Earth and animal habitats. They planted their own trees and hope to plant them in the local area in the future.

Year 3 made bird feeders using recycled materials and hung them around the school to attract local wildlife.

Year 4 learnt about decreasing insect populations and created bug hotels using recycled and natural materials.

Year 5 learnt about the impact that our waste is having upon the environment and helped out in our local area by doing litter picking and a litter survey. We found over 300 pieces of litter in our local area!