Earth Day 2015

Earth Day displayed our students' environmental awareness (not to mention their green fingers!) as we planted four trees, one for each of our four school Houses, to highlight our commitment to the sustainability of the planet and our Citizenship pledge.

We asked our students what Earth Day meant to them:

Dhruv: 'It’s important for saving the environment as it is under a lot of threat from all the people who inhabit it. Planting trees shows we care and planting them will help replace the ones we cut down.'

David: 'Earth Day is not just about recycling; it’s about how we are sustainable and how we give back to Mother Nature.  The planet gives us life, so it’s now about what we can do to give back.

The glaciers are melting so we need to do something to save them; saving energy, turning lights and computers off will help.

We are encouraging staff and students to do this today and we are trying to make people recycle as well with our new campaign starting this week.

It’s called ‘Recycling at Ark Academy is as easy as ABC'. Teachers are going to get leaflets to distibute to their classes. The goals are to recycle a lot more and we will be starting to recycle food waste as well.  We are thinking about partnering with a local company who does recycle collections, to become more effective.'

As Shivani says: 'If we don't look after our planet then we ourselves will encounter the effects. Our planet will go downhill because it will be full of pollution and then we won’t be able to breathe and we’ll die.'

Year 7 also listened to their social conscience and litter picked all over school to keep our grounds clean and tidy.

Safa explained: 'I think it’s important to pick up rubbish because it's damaging our environment - when it rots it starts to smell and it can damage the natural habitats of animals. When the litter is gone our surroundings look nice and we care about our school so we’re here to do our bit.

Alexandra: 'People don’t realise how it’s damaging the earth. Today we learnt that the world’s population is growing and maybe in 50 years there is going to be 5 times as much litter as there is now so there will literally be no space anywhere. It will be even harder to fix so it’s better to fix the problem now and to help earth and nature.

People keep on taking recycling bags from ASDA and saying 'Oh I’m recycling' but actually they’re not because they buy another one the next time so they need to make sure they are re-using them.'

Thanks to all our students for their insights and pledges to be more environmentally friendly from now on - we encourage everyone to do the same!