Girls Football Week 2018 – Could Ark have a future England Ladies footballer?

Wednesday 23 May 2018

Ark Academy was delighted to take part in Women’s Football Week 2018. Our dedicated girl’s football team train every week and their hard work finally paid off when they attended the tournament hosted in partnership with Watford FC Trust and Hertfordshire University.

The girls made the journey from Wembley to Hertfordshire University and were raring to go! The level of competition was high but our girls were ready to work their socks off and showcase their talent. This team of Ark girls have a particularly strong bond and they work extremely hard for one another.

The real excitement came in the final game of the day! Ark Academy conceded a goal early in the game and with only minutes to go the girls thought hard to come back and get an equaliser. The final whistle then went and they faced the opposition in a penalty shoot-out!  Both teams put on a great display but unfortunately Ark Academy lost on penalties. The girls did themselves very proud at the tournament and still left with a smile.

Our girls later featured on England Ladies [lionesses] twitter for the second time! The future is bright for our football girls and I am hoping to have some future lionesses in her current squad.

Thank you to Watford FC Trust for hosting this wonderful event and allowing us to be part of it. Well done to all girls involved on the day. The talent of young girls in football was extremely high.

Miss Gallagher