House Drama 2017!

Tuesday 06 June 2017

"Breaking the mould" was the theme of this years House Drama Competition. We certainly did have some mould breakers, from Sister Acts Mary Clarence, breaking the mould of a group of students who have just about given up on ever being successful and at the same time saving St Francis’ School. Buzz breaks the “T-O-Y, toy” mould and enchants Woody and a classic 'role reversal', In a duologue from Ab Fab is truly "breaking the family mould!" 

Thank you to all those students and Heads Of House involved, a tremendous amount of effort was put into each performance through acting, singing, dancing, costume and set design. The costumes from Socrates were dazzling. But it is a competition and only one House can win............... it was close but Plato were the winners in their version of Sister Act.