Motivation Man - King Cas inspires with his own story, makes them believe 'I am AMAZING'

Speed Networking was only the beginning for our career minded cohort - they were also treated to a motivational session by King Cas from the Fix Up Organisation, which helps young people realise and reach their potential.

Cas took the students through his own personal journey before telling them a story about a determined boy named David who overcame several obstacles on his way to reaching his goals. He also explained the concepts of Observe, Decide and Act during the entertaining assembly, where his honesty was welcomed with laughs 'Life is like a great big shovel swinging from side to side; and at some point during your lives that shovel is going to bash you in the face!' He explained that it is how you choose to respond to obstacles that is the most important thing.

One girl explained: 'It was really emotional because half of the things he was talking about I could relate to i.e. sometimes I get let down and there’s times when I don’t want to get back up but what he told me made me think ‘I am going to get back up this time.’

And he taught me to enjoy life no matter what and have your peers around you, because they support you and tell you what’s wrong and right. It’s nice to have someone around you who cares.'

Picture above: Cas makes his point in the best way!

Year 9 were also asked to pair up to discuss which career they want to have in 10 years time.

Ritik said: I really enjoyed this because it taught me a lot about how important your decisions are right now and if you don’t make the decisions now it will be harder further on in your life. When I’m older I want to be a vet. Work hard now and then it will pay off in the future.

Mezdha: 'You should never be shy of who you are, you should always be confident. Never give up, never let anyone push you down and if they do, don’t let it get in your way just be who you are.'

Kira: What I’ve learnt today is that It doesn’t matter where you are, you’re always going to be judged – you shouldn’t let it affect you at all. The biggest thing I learnt is that I shouldn’t limit my dreams.

Before this, for my GCSE choices, I was going to pick the things that I was really good at even though I never enjoyed most of them but now I’m going to pick the things that I actually like.

Shahir now believes:That you should enjoy your life and not be disappointed in it, if someone makes you upset you should ignore them not try and prove them wrong but prove yourself right.

Picture below: The kids are won over by the words of wisdom!

King Cas explained his hopes for the students:

'My main objective was to re-inforce the message that this school delivers to the kids – I really wanted to relate to them in the best way I possibly can.

Hence why I feel like I should always give them a slice of my reality and be very honest with them so they can connect and learn something.

Even though there are elements of humour the key thing is 'Did you learn something?' I want to make sure that they take a message that resonates with them.

FIX UP stands for Focus Into Extraordinary Untouched Potential and we travel around the country and work from Year 1 up to university and post graduate students and we work on building their futures making sure that they’re inspired.'

He feels that students need to focus on what is important to their lives:

'I feel like young people’s self-esteem is very much dictated by the media and they are feeding into this whole social media thing through Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc so their lives have become dictated by that and there's a feeling that if you don’t meet that standard then you’re not good enough.

There are many opportunities in the working world but they don’t believe enough due to these things that they’re so glued to, and their priorities a lot of times aren’t straight. That’s when they miss out on opportunities.

Me and my friends had to decide who and what will influence me and how do I then make the most of opportunities available and if there are none available, then you create one.'

Thanks so much to Cas and the FIX UP team for the session - we all left feeling inspired!