Outstanding GCSE success again for students at Ark Academy, Wembley Park

Despite the many changes to the GCSE exams this year with no coursework and more rigorous exams, Ark Academy students performed exceptionally well across the board. Our school’s estimated Progress 8 score is +0.4, demonstrating that students made nearly half a grade more than their peers across the country. The Attainment 8 measure is also very positive with average attainment across the school of 5.1; this is classified as a strong pass.

  • Students maintained their impressive outcomes in maths and English: 74% of our students attained a 4+ in English Language or Literature and maths +50% achieved 5+ in both.
  • In English 81% achieved 4+ English Literature and 74% in English Language.
  • The results were particularly pleasing at the highest grades, a fantastic 51 grades were grade 9 (double last year) 14 of the grades were achieved in Religious Education, 10 in English Literature and Chemistry, 5 in Biology and 3 in Maths. A quarter of all grades are 7+ (the old A*/A grades) and 42.5% were 6+.

  • Kamya Mandhar joined Ark Academy in Year 9, she scored the highest grades with a fantastic 9 grade 9’s, 1 grade 8 and an A grade in Additional Maths.
  • Students at Ark do well regardless of their prior attainment; with both low and high prior attainers making similar progress +0.4 and 0.47 respectively.

  • Oliver and Luke Coutinho: Oliver made the most progress of any student in Year 11. His expected Attainment 8 was 5.1 but his actual Attainment 8 score was a massive 8.3 giving him a progress of +3.2 from starting in Ark Academy. Oliver achieved 1 9, 7 8’s, 1 7 and A grade in Additional Maths. Oliver said he worked really hard and is really happy with his grades. His brother Luke also out performed on his expected grades increasing his attainment 8 from 3.6 to 5.0


  • Laiba Aamir came in to get her results a little later as she was donating blood! With shaking hands she revealed 6 grade 9’s, 2 7’s and 2 6’s. She also made fantastic progress with 8.4 attainment (6.1 expected).
  • Beheshta Harghandiwal achieved an impressive 5 9’s, 5 8’s and A grade in Additional Maths. Beheshta was visibly shaking as she opened her results but managed to say “Thank you to all my teachers and family for making this possible. I want to remind everyone that anything is possible if you put in the work and discipline yourself.”


  • Rares Maglan came to the UK from Romania in 2010 with absolutely no English. He also achieved incredibly well with an overall attainment of 7.5 (4 grade 8’s, 2 7’s and 2 6’s).

  • Alexandra Bazavan achieved 3 9’s, 5 8’s, 1 7 and a B in Additional Maths.
  • Maria Alaswad achieved 1 9, 4 8’s, A* in Arabic, A in Media Studies, 3 &’s and B grade in Additional Maths
  • Joana Hoxa achieved 3 9’s, 4 8’s, 2 7’s and A grade in Additional Maths.

There were many other students with fabulous grades and stories which contributed to 58% of students who achieved 8+ 9-4 grades including English and Maths and 47% (74 students) gained 5+ 9-5 grades including English and Maths.