Outstanding GCSE success for students at Ark Academy, Wembley Park

Thursday 24 August 2017

  • Ark Academy students performed exceptionally well in headline measures across all GCSE subjects. Our school’s estimated progress 8 score is +0.7, demonstrating that students made substantially more progress than their peers across the country. The new Attainment 8 measure is also very positive, with average attainment across the school at 5.0; this is classified as a new ‘strong pass’. 
  • Our students really rose to the challenge of the new and more rigorous exams in English and maths with 40% of grades achieved in English and maths were 6 or higher.
  • Both progress and attainment are impressive in English and maths: 75% of our students attained a 4+ in either English language or literature and maths; 57% attained a 5+ in both.
  • In English, 82% achieved a 4+ in English literature and 74% achieved the same in language. Pleasingly, progress in English was average half a grade more than students nationally.
  • In mathematics – our specialist subject –31% of students achieved 7+ (equivalent to A*-A) and an incredible 7 students attained a grade 9 – the new top grade awarded to the top 3% of students in the country. Progress was also high at 0.8 grades on average above nationally expected progress in maths.
  • Ark students have again excelled in the EBacc pathway with 35% achieving A*-C in all EBacc subjects – against the most recent national average of 24%.
  • 46% of grades in foundation subjects were B or higher.
  • We are very proud of the progress and attainment of our disadvantaged students, who make up 56% of the year group (89 students). Headline measures for pupil premium students are very similar to their peers; progress 8 is +0.6 and attainment on average is 4.7. In addition, 73% of pupil premium students attained a 4+ in English language / literature and maths.
  • Students do well at Ark regardless of their prior attainment; both low and high prior attainers made progress on average of +0.7 and middle attainers averaged progress of +0.6
  • Just over 50% of our students gained 5+ 9-5 grades including English and maths. This bodes very well for our sixth form.

So many students achieved fantastic overall results.

Ammar Al-Kahachi achieved the highest progress in the school, five grades above national expectations from his starting point. He arrived in the UK 6 years ago from Iraq, speaking no English and escaping the bombing by 10 minutes. He said “My teachers in the school, I honestly give credit to them. We have enrichment in our school, where we stay after school if we need. I just went after school to my teachers and took their time. I also did extra maths and triple science.”

Some other stand out results include:-

Shannon Lee who along with her impressive 9 in maths and 7/8 in English Language/Literature, racked up a further 6 A* plus a B in additional maths.

Heba Mushattat scored the perfect 9 in both English Language and Literature (English is an additional language for Heba), along with 8 in maths, 5A*, 2As and a fantastic A in additional maths.

Sara Arybou also achieved 9 in maths and double 8 in English, 4A*s, 3As and an A in additional maths.

Another one for the girls.

Not to be left out some top boys include:

Klio Balliu -Maths 8, English 7/8, 4A*s, 3As and additional maths A

Wiktor Wachala - Maths 9, English 6/7, 3A*s, 4 As

Shahir Yadgari - Maths 8, English 7/6, 5A*s, 2As and B in additional maths

There are many other students with fabulous grades who contributed to the 58% of students who achieved 8+ 9-4 GCSE grades. A really bumper crop!