Pleasing AS Level Results for our flagship sixth form

Ark Academy has achieved pleasing results for its first year of 6th Form, with 1/3 of all AS level grades being an A or B grade and ¼ of students passing 4 AS levels.

There were outstanding performances in History, Further Maths, and Physics; students attained an impressive level of A-B grades with 88%, 80% and 73% respectively.

Principal Delia Smith said: ‘I congratulate all of our students and staff who worked so hard to make our first year of Ark Academy sixth form successful. We now intend to build from here and support our students in obtaining excellent university places.’

Great strides were made in the new A-level subjects with A-C pass rates of 86% in Philosophy and Ethics and 75% in Government and Politics. Drama also fared well, with students attaining 70% A-C grades.

Ark students obtained a 100% pass rate in Chemistry, English Literature and Sociology.

Jai Stewart achieved 4As and performed exceptionally well in Maths, gaining 100% in 5 out of his 6 units and 97% in the final unit.

Maaryah Siddiqui received two As in Economics and History and two Bs in Maths and Philosophy.

“I did well, but I was not expecting such good results at all. I thought I would scrape an A in Philosophy and then get 2Bs and a C – I was shaking when I opened my results! My legs are still shaking a little bit now.  

I called all of my family, my grandparents, parents and friends and they’re all really proud of me – they said they are going to take me out on different days for dinner, so I’m quite happy!   

I probably could achieve As next year and I hope to get at least one A* as well.”

John Seraphin - Whyte received 3 As in Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry and a B in Biology.

He told us: "I’ve put in a lot of work. A lot of it is based on my memory but there is a lot of work at A level so I had to do revision, more than I did for GCSE. I hide myself in my room while I’m studying and stay out of my family’s way and they stay out of mine!

At GCSE you could get away with more but at A level everything has to be precise with your wording and structure, so yes it’s a big jump.

I was surprised by my Biology grade because after the exam I thought I did pretty badly and would get a C or a D but I’m happy with these results.

I should hopefully be on course to get As next year. I want to pursue Maths and am considering Warwick or Loughborough as I really enjoy sport as well. I’m choosing Maths because it can take you into a variety of careers.

Ella Clarke was delighted to get an A in Philosophy and Ethics and Bs in Media and Drama.

She explained: “I really am happy, it’s been a tough year and I’ve done well so I’m proud.

I was a little bit surprised because I think people always doubt what they might achieve so I’m pleased.

I was well prepared so the exams weren’t as bad as they could have been. I’m going to carry on all 4 of my subjects and hopefully go to uni to become a set designer for film and theatre.”

James Dudhi-Price was also relieved to confirm his results.

“I got an A in Biology and A in RE and a C in Chemistry which is really good because I really struggled with Chemistry.

Unfortunately I got a C in Maths but I can bring that up easily as I got a B in 2 modules and a D in mechanics.




I was struggling a lot with Biology and I got an E in my mock and then I’ve managed to get an A overall now, so I’m really happy.

I put in a lot of work but I was nervous about my results and whether I would be able to actually make it into my second year of sixth form. So when I opened it and saw As and Bs I was very, very happy.”

Congratulations to all of our students and well done to our staff for their hard work this past year!