Prom Night 2015 - Year 11 say their final farewell in style

Wednesday 1st July - the hottest day of the year no less - saw our Year 11 graduates get all dressed up to dance the night away at their Leavers Prom.

Marilyn was surprised at just how much fun it was:

'It was really good – it was better than I expected it to be. The venue is a leisure centre and I've been there before and it didn’t look like a Prom venue.

I didn’t think it would be quite that great but then it turned out to be really good and it was decorated really nicely.

There was lots of dancing - I think people were a bit shy in the beginning and then it got to the point where nobody came off the dancefloor until they told us to!

Everyone looked really nice and really different because you don’t normally see them in dresses and suits.'

Miss Haslam and Mr Dainty did a dance to Ed Sheeran 'Thinking out Loud' and it was really cute – I think they wanted us to join in but no-one was joining in we were all just watching them, it was really cool.'

Keliesha agreed: 'The teachers looked really cute, they played the part nicely of chaperone / cool adult!'

Keliesha also organised the prom: 'Being on the committee was stress, stress, and stress! I was at the venue from 3pm to set up and it started at 7pm! The colour scheme was wrong so it was white and blue instead of black and gold – that made me cry full on tears! – but then it turned out really well and looked amazing.   Everything was perfect, the photo booth, the food and the music was on point so everyone had a great time.'

We're glad it all turned out wonderfully in the end and we look forward to welcoming you back as Sixth Formers next year.