A riot of colour and fun as Reception classes celebrate International Day

Our Reception students were given a taste of the world during International Day, as they sampled dishes from each others' countries and learned a traditional Greek dance.

Newton Class teacher Miss Malik explained why we hosted this event: 'It’s part of one of the early learning goals with Peoples and Communities for Reception children to know about different cultures, where they all come from and why they all differ from each other.'

She added: 'I think it’s really important for every school to have an International Day because it teaches them about each other.

Every year we have a child that comes in from another country who doesnt speak English and it’s important for children to know how that child may feel and what they can do to include everybody.'


Ms Onabiye, Ayomide's mother, delivered a presentation on Nigeria to the class.

She said: 'I wanted the day to be something different, not just eating and talking but to do a bit of a presentation, something they can learn about and take with them after this.

I talked about the food, the animals, what we produce as a nation, the other parts of Africa and just letting them know where Nigeria fits in to Africa as a whole.'

When asked why it is important to make the children aware of their heritage she explained:

'This morning one of the Mums was saying she was trying to get her son into his traditional outfit and he was refusing and saying that he wasn’t going to wear it and ‘I don’t know what this is’.

So that’s why it’s important for us, even though we live in this country we need to let our kids know that they are from somewhere else. It helps tolerance and understanding of other people and cultures so it is a good thing for them to know.'

We spoke to Tanay, Daniella and Molly about their activities on the day:

Tanay said: 'We learnt how to speak Nigerian! And we learnt they have animals like worms.

They eat snails, big snails!' I am wearing Indian dress.'

What did you learn about your friends?

Molly: I learnt that Daniella is from Nigeria and and I come from Portugal. Portugal is very hot and very sandy. There is lovely chicken there and I like the rice as well.

Daniella: I like jolloff rice and turkey as well. I'm wearing a Nigerian outfit that is red and black.

Tanay: It has been very fun and we got to colour in flags.

Finally, Ms Onabiye perfectly summed up the lesson of the day saying:

'The children will take away from today the fact that we are all one really, even though we’re different we’re all one.

We were just talking about the different dishes that we’d brought – rice is a staple dish for everyone – we just all have different styles of cooking it!'