Science Week

Thursday 21 March 2019

Last week students competed for a press-up medal, blew up methane bubbles, dissected owl pellets and discovered bones. All off the Science curriculum.

It was the best week of the year, British Science Week!

We aimed to get as many students involved as possible. It also gave them an opportunity to show and spread their love of Science.

This year’s theme was ‘Journeys’. Assemblies throughout the week focussed on getting students thinking about the journey that Homo sapiens has been on until now, and where the journey may lead next.

The week began with a whole-school practical conducted on the school playground one windy lunchtime. Students were pitched against their peers in an investigation that looked at whether taller people are able to do more press-ups.

Impressive scores were seen, with some pupils scoring well above 30 press-ups in 30 seconds. Some even competed four times, therefore doing press-ups for a total of two minutes. Interestingly, there is no link between height and sporting skill!

Students were then allowed to recover in an afterschool cinema club that gave them the opportunity to scoff popcorn and watch the scientific thriller ‘The Martian’.

Thursday gave the opportunity for students to see an array of scientific demonstrations for physics, chemistry and biology.

There were flames in the chemistry room.

There were lasers in the physics room

There were dissected rats in the biology room (that had a mixed reception)

Every single room was full, and every year group was present.

The best was saved for last: a Science fair. Students were encouraged to bring in their own science projects from home to show off to their classmates. The array of experiments was incredible, and the effort that they had put in was fantastic. There was everything from a presentation on how we could bring dinosaurs back to life, magic wands that could hover to explosive experiments.

All week students had the opportunity to complete a fossil hunt around the school. Placing the different fossils in age order to spell out a word. Frustrations ran high, as some of the students lacked the final letter they needed, whilst others had already made the last minute spring and found the final one.

All week the engagement was fantastic. The students had a real opportunity to show where their passions lie. The year 7’s even quoted Science Week as being one of their favourite weeks at Ark Academy so far!