STEM week

Thursday 24 May 2018

This week in Primary we have been taking part in STEM week. We focused on science in Year 4 and our theme was Perfect Potions and Marvellous Medicines. As part of our theme we wrote instructions for and made our own medicines inspired by Georges Marvellous Medicine! We also made lava lamps, slime and oobleck! We also got to see real pieces of moon and meteorites! We also got to go to the secondary science labs to see some real experiments with lots of different chemicals. We had a great week this week!

“The lava lamps were really cool because of all the bubbles!” – Isra

“George’s medicine was disgusting! So was mine!” – Chai

“The oobleck was really weird because it stuck to my hands. It was really fun!” – Tyler

“I got to spray chemicals into a flame, in the secondary science labs, to make it change colour!” – Tejas