Tuesday 04 June 2019

For STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) week 2019, Ark Primary had a whole week of STEM based lessons. Each year group was assigned a theme and a famous scientist related to their theme. Some of our themes included: We Are Engineers, Dinosaurs and The Great Outdoors.

In Year 5 for example, the theme was We Are Engineers and our famous scientist was Ustad Ahmad Lahori, one of the main architects of the Taj Mahal. They completed many different activities related to our theme. They designed and built earthquake-proof tall towers, flood proofed miniature houses and built volcanoes. We then used all of these in a mock village hit by natural disasters and tested whether our engineering solutions protected our villages. We also had visitors for a LEGO Workshop that was excellent! As well as our villages and workshop, we also made catapults and wrote some amazing volcano poetry. Overall, it was a really exciting week!