What Can I Be Day

The mission of Ark Academy is “For all children to attend higher education or have the career of their choice and play a full role in our democratic society.” As part of our work on Ark Ambitions, the primary school recently ran our ever-popular, annual “What Can I Be Day?”. Children had great fun dressing up as what they want to be when they are older, and listened to a wide variety of gues speakers. We were proud to welcome specialists from the world of computer programming, animation, the Police Force, a chef, a lawyer, a footballer and even MP Barry Gardiner.

Of course, in our school we have all these ambitions for the children and more. Children came dressed as doctors, footballer, interior designers, scientists and even youtubers and Instagram influencers!

Everyone had a really fun and valuable day, with children leaving inspoired for what they can do when they are older.

Our motto is “Be The Best That You Can Be, Every Moment Counts” – and days like this help the children bring that motto to life.

Mr Watkins