When in Rome....Year 7 teach Year 3 a history lesson to remember

Year 7 displayed their maturity and initiative when they volunteered to teach a younger year group about a fascinating time in history. They told us about the experience and how well they were received as teachers...

Hadeal: Yesterday we stayed after school and prepared a speech and posters about what we were going to do and found different pieces of information so we could teach them more.

Kevin: We taught them about the Romans, and what they did and how they changed and impacted how we are today, for example they introduced sewer systems which became our modern day roads.

What was the experience of teaching like?

Hadeal: It raised our confidence and helped us improve our speaking skills.

Kevin: We learnt that teamwork is very key to doing a speech together, you have to think hard about what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it to younger children who might not understand so you have to make sure that it's understandable.

Did they find the topic interesting and respond well?

Kevin: Yes, the words we say in class are at a quite high level so they wouldn’t really understand it. For example ‘hypercaust system’, which is the way they used to heat things.

Marwa: We said ‘the heating source’ instead and they understood it really well because they seem like a really smart class.

Kevin: One of them asked us ‘Who was the first Roman?’ and we didn’t exactly know that so we said that the Romans were a group of people that started invading countries in Europe.

They kept asking 'Where did the government get money?' or 'Where do they get the money to make things?' so they were definitely listening!

Do they want you to come back?

Marwa: Both classes said they enjoyed it, but a smile could obviously tell us – the smile on their faces was so adorable.  When we told them a Fun Fact, they were like ‘ Ohh Woooooow!’

In Fibonacchi – a boy asked how did they invent the weapons? And the teacher said – 'They didn’t invent them, they just liked using them and they said 'Oooh wow!' and looked really surprised.

Kevin: It was really nice to see some familiar faces from when we were in Ark Primary and it was really memorable cos we got to see our old teachers and classes.

Did the experience make you want to be a teacher?

Hadeal: I still want to be a lawyer.

Marwa: And I still want to be a Doctor.

Kevin: I'd like to be an Astronomer but I wouldn’t mind doing it part time, like an enrichment or something.

All: Yeah exactly!

Hopefully Year 3 will be seeing them again soon for some more Fun Facts!