A Wizard of a Quiz!

Our students were quizzed on their Quidditch, harangued about Hogwarts and puzzled by Professor Snape as the library played host to a Harry Potter quiz.....and an excited bunch of hardcore Harry fans!

The rounds consisted of a pretty challenging question round, a Pictionary-style round where one member of a team had to draw an item from the book series for the rest of their team to guess and a memory round, in which everyone was shown a selection of Harry Potter pictures for 1 minute, then had to remember the contents of as many as possible. 

Keen fan Fizza told us why she enjoyed the competition:

'It was really fun and there was loads of knowledge that you were tested on.

Some of the questions were tricky, but only one of them was really difficult - the one where we had to name the vault where he got the gift from.'

Guthrie said: 'We never really do competitions like this all of the time so it is something different and nice to have fun in groups.

We had one teacher, Miss Burdett who knew a lot! Miss Wada knew a lot too – they are even bigger fans than us!'

A dragon, a scarf, a quidditch ball, the snitch and the every flavoured ball were just some of the items the team artist had to draw.

Bisharo: Some of the drawings were difficult and I couldn’t understand Miss Houri’s drawing!

All of the teams were infectiously enthusiastic (not to mention competitive!) but the eventual winners were Miss Shute's team of Molly, Hasan and Parbes!!

2nd Place: Leanne, Tharshiya, Rahmo and Miss Zanstra

3rd Place: Ana Maria, Miss Beedle and Miss Alosert

Mrs Brandman said: 'I was impressed by the level of enthusiasm and the amount that people seemed to know about Harry Potter.

I think the teachers were mega excited, especially the ones that dressed up and came in with props. They definitely made a good effort!'

Why exactly are the books so popular?

Fizza: 'They’re just really good – the quidditch matches, where Voldemort attacks Dumbledore, all of the exciting adventures he has, they are very entertaining.'

Bisharo agreed: 'Because they are mystery and adventures and kids doing magic!'















When asked what competitions they would like to happen in the future, the students couldn't suggest enough – Jacqueline Wilson, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Gallager Girls series, Divergent or the Hunger Games.' Watch this space for news of more fierce literary contests!

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