World Book Day 2015 Part 2 - Books Close to your Heart & Real People Read

Books Close to My Heart

Our librarians displayed their patriotism (and good taste!) by choosing classic British literature by female authors.

Miss Pope’s choice: Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf:

'Her ideas about feminism and writing are incredible. I admire her so much and Mrs Dalloway is one of the stories which really shows off her writing the best.

The story is about a woman called Mrs Dalloway who throws a party and her friend who’s very, very ill and it’s a fascinating story with many layers to it.'

Miss Smyth picked Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen:

'I think it's a very good example of never judge a book by its cover.  I like the character of Mr Darcy and how he transitions throughout the book.

I like romantic books, and it’s very humourous, with funny characters and Lizzie Bennet is a very good heroine and a traditional heroine of the book which you don’t really find in classical literature and it was very ahead of the time.'

Kaya from Year 7 got nostalgic with her book: I chose 'Giraffes Can’t Dance' because I read it when I was younger and I’ve read it loads of times since, it’s really interesting. It’s about this one giraffe that can dance but lots of giraffes that can’t dance.

Nadia in Year 8:  'My favourite book is The Born Wicked trilogy by Jessica Spotswood because of the second book – I’ve never been so gripped by a book! It’s about a girl and her two sisters set in a time just before the 20th century. It’s our world with magic in it, and the villains the Brotherhood who are against those who use magic. I would describe it as thrilling, original and unique.'

Real People Read

She continued: 'I liked Mr Edwards’ Real People Read of Dr Who because it was full of action and it was different from the other books that were Roald Dahl - style stories.'

Dzifa Benson read from Philip Pullman's Northern Lights:

'I just love the story and I love that kind of story telling & adventure fantasy & also he is such a good writer, I basically thought if I can write half as well as he does when I grow up, I’ll be doing Ok!

He really puts you in that world. It broke my heart as it’s a love story and they get separated as they have to go into different worlds. It touched me, it's many stories - an adventure story, a coming of age story, it’s scary as well in many ways.

I remember I came across one and immediately had to get the other one and wouldn’t rest until I bought it. Within two weeks I had read them all.'

Congratulations to Nadia and Parbes who won the quote competition by correctly guessing all of the 10 quotes and books that were placed around school - impressive!!