Y11 student embarks Royal Academy of Music Composition Course

Wednesday 03 March 2021

Maksim K is fortunate to attended a composition course at the Royal Academy of Music.

It’s a massive honour for him to attend as he is being taught by degree level composition teachers and will compose music for musicians who attend the college to play.

Here is how Maksim K's taster day went.

It was only a teaser session to lead up to what we will do in (now) Summer, which is directly working with musicians to work out certain tonal qualities to utilize in a final piece that will be performed by actual, real people -- the bit I am literally dying of excitement and pressure to do, pressure because I need to write a piece that is good enough for musicians to play. Also, a masterclass on development and structuring, and planning, which are essential for a composer to have a good grasp on. The teachers that were there for the taster session were Gareth Moorcraft and Freya Cohen. I really liked Gareth's "introductory" piece, which was simply a mixture of really nice tonal colours with the instruments, and despite Freya's being contemporary (I dislike post-modernism) I could still appreciate some things from it.
Overall, I am really really, really, really excited for the real thing and feel so honoured to be in this class.