Year 10 Induction Strive Challenge 2014 Part 2

Leadership Session

This task showed the students a selection of great leaders through history and asked them to identify the leadership skills each one demonstrated, and then rank them in order of ’best leader’.  They included historical figures such as Alexander the Great, who took over half of the known world at that time, 300 BC; Pastor Mimi, who was instrumental in dissolving a gang on her estate and Nelson Mandela.

What can Year 10 do now to become a better leader?

Mikayela said: You should be humble; you don’t need to be obsessive or have it all go your way. I already think that I don’t have a big ego, I don’t think I’m better than anyone else or that they should do what I say.

On her own changes to become a better leader: ‘I need to let go of control and stop always thinking my idea will work – other people’s ideas may work too and co-operation turns out better.

Uba said: Forgiveness is definitely one, I will start to forgive people more. A good leader must be strong yet friendly.  Having an ego makes you stubborn and money is not a reason to follow someone.

'I prefer to be an independent person instead of a leader – people may not listen to me or think I am boring. I would not be sure what to pick when faced with a lot of ideas; leaders have to make difficult decisions.'

Day two continued with the session on Resilience, teaching our budding young success stories how to bounce back from a disappointment and also provided them with the opportunity to set their own personal STRIVE challenges.....

The Resilience Session

In this eye opening session, the students learned about a boy named Ishmael from Uganda, who originally lived in Britain. He was left to look after his 5 brothers after his Mum broke her arm and went back to the UK. He was forced to walk miles for water, which was always dirty, and his brothers would constantly get sick.

Kaine said the story was very powerful: ‘It taught us to never give up and always be persistent.’

He related to the session on a sporting level: ‘When I play attacking football and can’t get past a defender I need to use different strategies. You should participate constantly in the game and not give up.’

Sherine said they then had to choose one way they needed to be resilient in their daily lives. She chose homework. ‘I don’t want to do it or do revision but I have to so I then need to be strong and do it. Technology distracts us so I need to be resilient and ignore temptation to look at my phone!’

Toshai enjoyed this lesson the most: ‘I didn’t know what it meant before today. I’m now going to concentrate on my GCSEs and stay focussed. It also taught me to forget about the past and the things that have held you back, like when I was below target.'

Setting their own STRIVE challenge

Fatima said: My personal challenge is to get an A grade in English. I find it very interesting but I think it is going to be a lot of work. I’m not sure what we’ll be doing but I am a little bit worried!’





When asked what she will do to solve this she had the right answer: ‘Be calm and don’t panic because that will just make things worse.’

Chandani’s aim is to ‘be better at social interaction and have more confidence. I don’t want to just fit into one group, I want to have connections with more people.’

Maida’s goal for the year is extra-curricular: 'I want to play the guitar again – I stopped in Year 9 because it was an important year and I didn’t want to miss lessons. I’ve started again this year because you have to start instruments when you’re young and I don’t want to stop again, I want to learn more and more. I will fit it in around my schoolwork this year.’

Levi also wants to play football, as a centre midfielder. ‘That is my passion and I would happily play without the money.’ ‘If I can’t become a footballer I want to be a pilot. I know I would be good at it. I need to improve my Science and DT – I will have to so I will be determined. ‘My uncle inspired me to do this – he is a pilot for the Emirates airline and I think it is a cool job. I would like to travel and explore different countries.’

With regards to the upcoming school year, what are his immediate challenges? ‘I have to stay out of trouble by ignoring my distractions, which are my friends, and stop being the distraction.’

Sounds like an excellent plan!!

We look forward to watching all of our Year 10s as they work towards their STRIVE challenges.