Year 8 Shania wins 'Student of the Year' at the First Give awards!

 Our charity crusader Shania has been rewarded for raising both money and awareness for a local cause -she won 'Student of the Year' for all her brilliant work for The Passage at the prestigious First Give awards, held in London's City Hall. 

You may remember that Shania put together a committee of like-minded helpers to assist her in co-ordinating a host of events to help the local homeless charity, such as bake sales, a movie evening and everyone's favourite event, bringing in her dog Caspar for selfies with students!

She didn't expect to win: ‘When I went to the awards I was really nervous and didn’t think I would win so I was really shocked and scared at the same time but really happy as well. There were loads of other people that got nominated and I just didn’t think I’d done well enough compared to them.'

 'I think I won because I’m determined and I really feel passionate about this charity because it's helped lots of people. Once I spoke to them I realised that they were trying to raise awareness and I wanted to help them.'

Head of Year Miss Hickling was incredibly impressed with her student's commitment to this cause.

She said: 'I’m so proud that Shania has been so dedicated to supporting The Passage and that this determination has been recognised by First Give by awarding her Student of the Year.’

It is clear that for this teenager, charity begins at home:

'My family do lots of charity work – for my birthday I get money and put it towards a specific charity. Because I love animals I usually give it to a charity like Dogs Trust and I’m going to also do The Passage now.

We all give money to different charities when its our birthdays, we do Children in Need and because my mum has her own business doing nails art transfers and temporary tattoos she has this donation section on her website where she donates 50p from each item sold to charity; this month it's Breast Cancer Care.'

She paid tribute to First Give saying: 'They are amazing because they gave me the opportunity to do this and they‘re really inspiring.

They give different schools and people the opportunity to research the problems that happen in our community and get involved with charities that help those issues.'

As for future fund-raising it can only be onward and upward for Shania and her committee:

'We’ve been doing bake sales and not too much else because we're still organising the next steps. We have planned events for Charity Week - we want Newton House to choose The Passage as its charity and we’re going to do a massive disco, more bake sales and other fun events and stalls to raise extra money.'