Year 8 students win Young Writers Anthology Competition

We are very proud to announce that three of our Year 8 students have won a Young Writers competition and will have their work published in an anthology.

The project was to create a monologue of no more than 100 words, and write as a character that they admired.

Stacey chose Rosa Parks: 'We had to pick people who we thought were very courageous or who we felt was our hero. I chose her because she's a very strong black person and she's my hero - she fought for black people to become what they are today.

‘I was really excited because I put a lot of effort into doing this and made roughly 3 or 4 drafts. And now that the finished piece won I’m actually very happy.'

Black and Whites Equal rights!!

By Stacey Gydma

'I was arrested one afternoon after work. I got on a bus, paid my fare. I was tired, I sat down. I was asked to get up but refused. I wasn’t aware that something as minor as this would be remembered for many years. Many black people felt that I was courageous and determined. I sat so black people can stand today. People must live their lives as a model to others. Together we can make it a happier place for you and for me. So that nobody will be discriminated because of the colour of their skin or race.'

Aksha's character was Nelson Mandela:

'I picked Nelson Mandela because I thought he was a really good leader and he helped all the people. He made a country get their own independence.

He made sure that they’re not slaves. He made sure that not only their country, but everyone is treated the same way, not different.'

How did you feel when you were selected to be put in the anthology?

'It actually felt really nice. I was so happy I was jumping around my house!'

Speaking about the medium of monologues she said:

'I learned about monologues and how they are 100 words long. We had to do a lot of research and we had to make sure it is 100 words, not more, not less.

And that it all fits and makes sense. It was hard but also kind of easy because we knew what we were going to write. But it paid off!'

Stacey agreed that keeping it to 100 words proved difficullt:

'At first mine was roughly 120 words and then I had to cut it down a bit more. The research that we did on our people was a big amount, so that we had enough to write.'

I am Nelson Mandela

By Aksha Vohra

'In my life I have learnt respect and fame, but in this same life I have lost stuff like my name. My real name is Rolihlahla. I am known as Nelson Mandela. My teacher changed my name. In my life I have been to prison for 27 years by the South African Apartheid government. Despite being in prison I did not leave my kindness. I thought it was a long holiday for 27 years. They said that I will die here. But I did not listen to one word they said. I wrote a book called ‘Long Way to Freedom.’ Freedom!'

Parbes's pick was Katniss Everdeen, protagonist of the Hunger Games trilogy:

'I chose Katniss cos she stands out and the new movie Mockingjay had just come out. She’s a powerful girl and in a normal film you would expect the boy to win because they usually have more power. I'm a big fan; I watched the films and read the books so I know a lot about Katniss.'

The Girl on Fire

By Parbes Ahmed

'Thought I would never make it! Turned out to be a miracle. I had won that night and I got fortune. People from every nation were watching, I felt glad to be famous. But, the chapter doesn’t end, let’s go to the beginning. The cannon shot I had just remembered my father. However, I did not let that strip me, I knew it had started and there is no quitting. People out there must remember that it doesn’t matter about your past it is what your future holds! This is my story, what’s yours? Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire!!