Year 9 Basketball Champions of Brent!

Our Year 9 Basketball team are the first Ark team of 2017 to be crowned Brent champions for a third successive year after defeating Newman College 34-31. It was a truly pulsating fixture in which, neither team was prepared to given an inch and emotions reached breaking point come the final whistle!

Despite feeling some sympathy for Newman our boys honestly deserved it. They worked tirelessly throughout every quarter and although they were in losing positions at various stages of the game they all pulled together and ultimately their superior fitness and determination enabled the victory.

Bailey Flandrin and Ace Joseph were lightening quick down both channels and their respective opponents were chasing shadows by the final quarter. Jonathan Tate was the star man in terms of defence, preventing 2 of their 6” foot plus players scoring too many baskets. Mohamuud Mohamed came into his own and scored 2 fabulous baskets after dribbling the ball from inside his own half.

But the Man of the Match went to Daneshay Ellis who did not stop running all match, demonstrated outstanding dribbling technique and ability to bypass his opponents and scored some incredible reverse lay ups which undoubtedly ensured the win!