Year Six pupils Skype meeting with The Rt Hon John Bercow MP

Monday 04 June 2018

The 'Ask the Speaker' session with Mr Speaker today was a unique opportunity, which not a lot of people would have. It allowed us to see how democracy works and experience a little bit of how the inside of Parliament functions. We were able to ask our own questions and the responses given by The Rt Hon John Bercow MP were insightful. We learnt a lot about his political views and his job as speaker of The House of Commons. A particularly interesting question was asked by one of my peers, she asked why the members of Parliament needed someone to chair their debates; his answer explained that the debates often become heated and they need an impartial person to facilitate discussions. He went on to tell us that the most heated arguments were around same sex marriage, where 65 politicians spoke, and whether the UK should send military personnel to intervene in Syria. It was a privilege to have the chance to meet someone as influential as Mr Speaker and I'm sure all of us in year six will remember it for years to come.

Written by Simeon in Year 6