Fix Up Focuses Year 11 on the important task ahead

 Ahead of their upcoming GCSE's, Year 11 got a timely reminder that motivation and focus are the keys to exam success. The Fix Up organisation sent us 'Mr Focus' to inspire them...and he didn't disappoint!!

We spoke to two new converts, Nadejah and Mikayela, about the session and how it has changed their perspective...

Mr Focus used techniques designed to make the students think about their actions and what encourages them.

Mikayela explained: 'We had to write down the things that would get in the way of us achieving what we need to achieve and why we want to achieve those goals and the drive that makes us want to do it.'

She spoke of her touching personal aim: 'I want to look after my mum as well as she looks after me so I have to get good GCSEs to get into a good college or university and get a good job.'

Above: Mr Focus in action! What is your WHY?

Nadejah agreed: 'I wrote down that I want to be able to make my family proud. He used his personal story on how his life pushed him to achieve the best he could.

It made me upset but it also showed me how important life is and what I do now determines what happens in my future. I need to start revising more and taking school more seriously because on results day I’m going to look back on that talk and say ‘Yes, it motivated me to get what I got today’.

When asked what might distract them from their ultimate goals, the girls were clear on where they need to change habits:

Mikayela said: 'Having fear, like if I feel like I’m going to fail that exam then I won’t revise for it because then I can say ‘Maybe if I did revise then I could have done better’ but really I know that I didn’t. So fear, laziness and social media.

She also said Mr Focus advised them to seek help if necessary: 'He said to do things like, if you don’t understand something make sure you ask your teacher and don’t think you can just do it on your own, actually go to them. So I will go to my teachers and see if they can give me questions on specific things that I find difficult.'

Nadejah cited her phone as an issue and now knows her next steps: 'I’m going to start putting my phone down at a certain time and make sure I’m getting enough sleep so that I’m able to concentrate in school the next day and put 100% in.'

She believes hearing a different voice advise her prompted her positive response.

Nadejah: 'The session had such a good impact on me because it’s not a teacher telling me, who I listen to nearly every day, it’s someone different coming from out of school. I feel that certain aspects of his life I can relate to and I know that if he can do it, then I can also do it.'

Mikayela: It was just a really, really, really good session!

Thank you to Mr Focus for your very helpful, inspiring and popular visit.