Sixth Formers meet their match with Ipsos Mori

One of our most important academy goals is to ensure that our young adults are as prepared as possible for the world of work. We've all experienced meetings which weren't as efficient or productive as we would hope and with that in mind we invited market research and business behemoth Ipsos Mori to show our students how it's done.

Cherise felt it was extremely useful: 'In the session we looked at skills we can use in meetings to make them more effective and make sure we get the most out of each meeting.

We were given a checklist and it said there were certain things that good meetings have that bad meetings don’t and we watched a video of a bad meeting and critiqued it. We then planned a meeting based on a scenario – ours was a charity event for Beyonce!'

She continued: 'The 'Dos' on the list were punctuality and the things you do afterwards; you can’t just have a meeting you need to follow up, give action points and assign different roles to different people.

We had timings and had to make sure that people knew where they were going and at what time.

She now knows it is not just what you're discussing that is important: 'I took from it that there are other things apart from the goal of the meeting that you need to consider. Your body language and posture also need to be positive.'

Dhruv embraced the fun element: 'It’s a nice way to learn how meetings are structured .You think meetings are quite boring but you learn there is a way of making them fun which is good because they need to be fun for you to be engaged, otherwise you don’t really get anywhere in meetings.'

When he was asked what structure was advised he said: 'Starting off with an ice breaker instead of going straight into the meeting because that way everyone’s intrigued from the start.

Then you keep everyone interested by not doing things for too long a period of time, so you do things in short spans easy to understand, quick and efficient.

The 'Dont's' were addressed as talking over other people: 'If someone else is having a conversation, don’t have your own mini conversation. Tapping pens and fidgeting around a lot is a no-no!

Not knowing each others’ names or who the people attending the meeting are – that’s quite embarrassing!

The most useful tip he learned was a big one: 'Now I know that I can take charge and lead a meeting. As a leader you need to instigate things – usually I just follow but now I know how to instigate events and start conversations rather than just join into them which is very helpful.'

Thank you to Ipsos Mori for your time and very relevant insights.