When Year 11 taught Year 2...

They say that those who can't do, teach, but Year 11 blew that theory apart when they proved they can both do and teach by taking the excitable Year 2 classes for a History lesson on one of their own topics, Florence Nightingale.

As part of their GCSE History of Medicine course, final year students have just written a fact finder CV all about the war time nurse, while the Key Stage 1 curriculum incorporates studying an important individual, so this was a perfect collaboration!

We spoke to the 'teachers' and their eager young charges about the experience...

GCSE student Marianne said: 'We recently learnt about the lady with the lamp ourselves in History, and we researched further and worked with other groups to create this presentation for the Primary students.'

Her concerns about taking a class proved to be unfounded.

'I thought they might be misbehaving because obviously they are young, but they were good and concentrated well.' She added: I learnt that that children understand things too. I thought we would come here and they wouldn’t understand anything we were saying but they actually did!'

The students of Fibonacci class were equally impressed with their substitutes that day.

Asha explained: 'They were good cos they made it slow so we could all understand everything they were saying. I liked that they kept on letting us listen and then have some time to write it down.'

Raynan told us what he liked most about the lesson: 'It was a fun presentation. I found it interesting that her parents didn't want her to be a nurse because at that time, when Florence Nightingale lived, there were not many jobs - the only job around was nursing and most people just got married.'

Year 11's Alex and Mustafa felt it helped them consolidate their own knowledge of the subject.

Mustafa: 'I've liked it as it's so much simpler and it was good to explain it to them - I feel like my understanding is getting better as well.'

Alex: 'I was a bit frightened before I started but it was easier than I expected! I was surprised that the kids were so active, everyone put their hands up and the kids are really smart and bright.'

Mustafa agreed that the calibre of students was excellent:

'There are a few that have impressed me, for a Year 2 class it’s really impressive to know this much about a certain person. I couldn’t even keep focussed in class in Year 2!'

History teacher Mr Coward feels the experience is beneficial all round: 'Year 11 get a really good opportunity to deepen their knowledge and become experts so that they’re ready to teach a topic.

It’s also really good as some of them may want to work with children in the future, some of them really enjoy working with the younger students.

Primary have really enjoyed the fact that they got to meet some of the older students, they found that so exciting and really looked forward to it.'

Asha hopes that the new 'very young looking' (!) teachers will return soon: 'I would like it a lot if they could come back and teach us literacy!'