Hoop Dreams realised as Ark boys are crowned Brent Basketball Champions

Basketball season is upon us once again and we are incredibly proud of both our Year 8 and Year 9 teams who were crowned Brent Champions. Victory was especially sweet for Year 8, as they triumphed for the 2nd year in a row and now remain UNDEFEATED in their school careers - congratulations boys!

They wrapped up their season with a 53-14 win over Preston Manor and secured a place in the Nationals for next season.

Equally impressive was Year 9, with a brilliant 53-24 win over Queens Park Community School which secured them their own hard earned Brent title.

We have enjoyed a phenomenal run so far, with our Year 10 boys team also reaching the league finals after a 60-36 win over Newman College. For the Senior team of Years 11 and 12 it is still all to play for as they look forward to their Final match up. 

We caught up with a determined Year 10 team before their successful semi-final, to find out the secrets to their success....

Captain Matthew David explained: 'We’ve been undefeated and I think the reason for that is that we play as a team and we work as a unit. We play good defence, play good offence and we’re always talking to each other off and on the court.'

When asked how he motivates his team during tough moments on court, he replied:

'As the Captain you have to bring the energy, the extra level that everybody needs and then they can all follow and we can all work together as a team again.'

Sounds like sterling advice to us!

Best Game of the Season so far: 'It was against JFS and we won 72-11. Joel was MVP of that game and everyone scored. We all passed and moved and dominated the game, so it was an all round great team performance.'

Most Difficult Match: 'Our Crest game was the hardest. I was MVP and I think we worked together as a team even more. Because they were such a good team we had to be smarter in how we played and then as a result we got the scores and the win.'

(He's not wrong about being tested, see below for Mr Edmondson's match report!)

Their thorough preparation for games also ensures they get the best start as Joel tells us:

'We start off by doing basic layup and passing drills so we can warm ourselves up, as well as a full warm up.

Afterwards our coach Mr Foster tells us our team tactics for the game. Then we go into the match motivated.'

Small forward Christopher explains his strategy for being a good teammate:

'I don’t shoot a lot so I try and use my plays and if there’s an open pass that will make it then I’ll try and pass the ball.

I'll go up for the lay up if there’s an opportunity and if there’s a re-bound then I’ll take it.'

Having won 4 out of 4 games so far, how do they stop themselves becoming complacent?

Matthew: 'We're not arrogant and we all keep our heads.

We start off the game like we would any other game and always play 100% every single time.'

We get a bit nervous playing in the semi finals but I think it will come together - we've done it before and we'll hopefully do it again.

It was Christopher's first time in the semi finals. His pre-game thoughts? 'I'm really looking forward to the test!'



Mr Edmondson's match report Ark Academy vs Crest Academy

'We returned as victors in a pulsating match that ended 44-27 to Ark. Despite the score line suggesting the game may have been one sided it was easily our most challenging game to date and against last years Brent Runners up we always knew it would be tough.

I can honestly say that the boys made the best start to a basketball match that I have ever witnessed and during the first quarter twith our pace, energy and defensive solidity were unmatched (Matthew David and Joel starring in particular).

The 2nd and 3rd quarters were more evenly matched and the Crest boys demonstrated why they were runners up last year with some great baskets and 3 pointers.

With just a 6 point margin going into the final quarter we really stepped it up a gear and Matthew David was simply unplayable, covering every inch of the court and scoring some sensational baskets.

It was certainly clear that our fitness was top notch and our passing and movement were very strong too.'

Man of the Match: Matthew David

Well done to all players for your hard work and stellar participation this season!