Barclays Life Skills give Year 12 the keys to the business world

Barclays Bank treated our budding businessmen and women to an important session of life skills, teaching them effective communications practices and the benefits of team work.

Marilyn and Raesa took these lessons from the session: 'To have confidence, to be a leader and to have a strong will to lead a group is what the communications side has taught us. I know how leaders should deliver their communications ideas to the staff members now and to the team; e.g. your voice needs to be strong and clear and your message needs to get across in a direct and explicit way.'

Will Dudmish, Essential Operations Banker at Barclays, feels one particular element of teamwork is most important: 'Delegation and the skills sets that different individuals have and making sure you delegate the right task to that person, again bringing it into leadership. It’s about sharing the workload and achieving our goals together.’

One of the activities involved viewing two different leadership styles - that of football managers Jose Mourinho and Alan Pardew - and assessing which one was most effective.

Amaad opted to emulate Pardew: I wouldnt want to be like Mourinho because when things get rough he starts to throw a little hissy fit or a tantrum and that’s not good. I would adopt Pardew’s because even though it was not working out their way, he took responsibility for it and didn’t blame anyone.'

Aspiring footballer Ridwaan agreed as he looks for ways to apply the advice on the pitch: 'Effective leadership style is someone who shows a keen interest in the team succeeding and not just himself; so looking at how to communicate with everyone on the pitch and making opportunities for those players. I’m a centre second midfielder so once I get the ball I’m usually the one who creates opportunities. I would like to contribute more to the team in that sense.'

The students were struck by how they could put the advice into effect within their schoolwork:

Sara said: 'I will probably change the way I run my societies now and how I set up the meeting that we do in SLT because they showed me that leadership is about working together, not individually. When I’m organising enrichments, I will talk to everyone on my team together, delegate roles equally and so people can do them to the best of their abilities.'

Raesa feels her university applications will benefit: 'The UCAS statement is a big thing so I can use the communications ideas and apply them when I’m writing my personal statement.’

The reward of the day came in the form of the Barclays Premier League Trophy - which as you can see from our picture was extremely popular with our students.....and even more so with our staff!!