First Give Final showcases students' social awareness

 Year 8 proved they are on the fast track to changing their community for the better with a fantastic display of social awareness at the First Give school final.

 Each form class delivered presentations to convince a panel of judges that their chosen local charity was worthy of a £1000 prize.

 8Duffy and their formidable team of Jasmin, Alexandra, Zahal and Lashbal walked away victorious after an excellent presentation championing homelessness charity Ashford Place. The girls were very confident when presenting and had clearly engaged well with the organisation.

Jasmin said: 'They help over 100 people per month minimum so £1000 will help a lot of people.

It’s a real eye opener to the social issue of homelessness – when we went to visit Ashford Place, there were quite a lot of young people and it made us realise that in a few years time we could be in that position. So we really want to help them now while we can.'

What have you learnt during this process?

Alexandra explained: 'We have learnt that as a team, if we work together and do something really good for someone then we can really make a difference.'

Congratulations must also go to the deserving runners up who each won £250 for their chosen cause. Zainab and Mursaha in 8 Motion delivered a passionate pitch for domestic violence charity Angel Smile, and Angel and Daniella from 8 Zephaniah supported the Dogs Trust charity with an emotive approach. 

Zainab said: 'Our charity is important because the people who organised it, the mother and the daughter, they went through domestic violence themselves,and it’s a very personal charity so its touching.'

When asked what they enjoyed most about their presentation Mursaha couldn't pick just one thing!

'I would say how we worked as a team and created the video and then edited it. When we found more information about why the charity are doing this and how they help women and children - it was just really fun knowing we could help this cause.'

Judges Rupal Kantaria from city consultancy Oliver Wyman, and Theo from Brent Volunteers were both extremely impressed with the students' efforts.

Ms Kantaria said: 'I was so impressed with the professionalism exhibited, particularly by the team who chose Angel Smile - they had an outstanding video and it was very powerful storytelling.'

Thank you to Louis and everyone at First Give, the judges for giving up their time so generously, and of course Miss Haslam for organising the entire event.