Sports Day 2016 - Record Breakers make it the best yet!

Tuesday 14 June 2016

It was another scorching Sports Day and a white hot triumph of sporting excellence as the entire senior school turned out to participate and attempt to smash records in track and field events.

There were many stand–out performances on the day and here are just a few:




Previous Record

New Record

Errice Harris

Yr7 girls




Mya Ashbourne

Yr7 girls




Ruth Mowarin

Yr7 girls

Shot Put



Ali Babukarkhel

Yr9 Boys




Devonte Alcendor

Yr9 Boys

High Jump



(Brent record)

Kai Franklin

Yr10 Boys




Jesse Nzekwue

Yr10 Boys





Devante (above) who set a new Brent record in the high jump said:

‘I’m feeling excellent. Yes I was expecting to win, because I had done high jump before and got 1.70m, which was higher than everyone else. I didn’t mind that I got 1.68m today because I still won.

What do you like about high jump? I like the fact that when you’re in the air it feels like you’re flying and when you clear the bar it’s just relief! And it’s my favourite event.

Ace in Year 8 also had a great high jump event reaching a height of 1.30m.

‘I was relieved as it was a hard competition. Some people were taller than me so I thought I wouldn’t beat them because they have longer legs but then I did. My technique is to make sure my back goes over, because once that is over my legs just need to flip up.’

Sahr in Year 9 won the 100m with a time of 11.43: ‘I’m feeling good and I expected to win because one of the fastest people in our year, Lemuel, wasn’t running this race!

I like 100m as it's quicker and that’s what I’m good at because I’m an athletic person.’

Mr Dainty said: ‘I think it was generally agreed that this was the best Sports day yet. In terms of support and participation I have to give praise to Year 8, they were amazing. They cheered louder than everyone and really engaged and buzzed with excitement all day.

Even the rain at the end didn’t seem to dampen (pardon the pun) the mood. All in all, an incredible day, only made possible due to the hard work of our staff and of course the PE team, Stephen, Nicola, Matt, Sam, Kelly and Katie. Thank you for working so hard to make it such a success!’

Continuing the athletic excllence, this weekend 16 of our pupils were selected to represent Brent in the Middlesex competition and we wish them all the best of luck.

We will announce the House winners until the end of term....we hope we can stand the suspense! Check out the gallery below for more fantastic photos of the day...